Hey, Senorita . . . that's astute -- Let's get together and call ourselves an institute. . .

Really, you don't have to be a genius to figure some things out.

But I'm a little slow and still pretty new to this internet thing, so I just figured out the other day that if you click on the items in someone's profile, it will let you browse other bloggers who have the same interest.


Well of course I clicked through some of my own immediately, just to see if there were any kindred spirits out there.

Running? Of course -- there were 69,600 other bloggers with an interest in running.

Skating? 7,100.

Sunshine? 3,300.

And there were, as I was sure there would be, plenty of other crossword puzzlers out there -- 2,500 of them, in fact.

But the disturbing thing is that most of the things on my list just came up a big zero. So either people are lying in their profiles or I'm really weird.

And they don't just tell you, "zero," they show you the only profile that matches (1 of 1) --
your own.

It's like you're standing alone at a dance staring at yourself.

Then this popped out of the fortune cookie at lunch:

Wow. Thanks?

But come on --

Who isn't interested in eating Guacamole in New Mexico?

Re-reading Nancy Drew?

Yelling at the stupid letters people write in the op-ed pages?

Watching Perry Mason?

Talking about dieting but not doing anything about it?

Ear and eye candy of every ilk?

Oh yeah, and mouth candy too?

Thankfully there were 3 of us in the world who were interested in fountain Diet Coke. So I could potentially be president of some club.

It all reminded me of an experience I had about 25 years ago when I was called to be in a focus group and really needed the $25.00, so I went. It turned out to be a group about the designs on Kleenex boxes.

They had a whole roomful of Kleenex boxes in all sorts of swell designs to coordinate with any decor, and they asked us a bunch of questions about them. Then came the disturbing part:
They had us make a list of our top 20 choices. Then they had us make a list of our top 5. We all submitted the lists. When they tallied everything up,


And I was excused to go home.

This does not bode well for someone hoping to sell their art. It did, however, explain a lot about my social status in Jr. High and High School.

And why I still can't find a Kleenex box I'm excited about incorporating in my home decor.

It's just that everybody else had an absolute lack of good taste!

On the news last night, there was a story about how scientists have now proven that popularity may be genetic. Well now let's see . . . my mom was Miss American Fork, Homecoming Queen, School Historian, Head Cheerleader . . . "it" titles from here to infinity . . .

I guess that can only mean one thing.

Thanks for the genes, Dad.


Jessie said...

the owl turned out AMAZING! i love his glasses!

susan m hinckley said...

Oh, thank you! So glad you like him. I think he turned out pretty well -- the rest of the piece is going really slowly, however, so I decided to go ahead and show him now in case someone was actually holding their breath . . .

Jake and Chelsea said...

hahahhaha!! i don't remember that kleenex story...

but i could use twenty-five bucks! did you at least get the 25 even though they made you go home in your unique shame?

the owl is awesome. i was thinking about some glasses actually when you asked for ideas but then in your comments it said you already had ideas, so i didn't say anything.

oh, and you must make cowboy spaghetti. it's a weekly thing now.

susan m hinckley said...

1)I got the 25 bucks but also some scars, as you can tell. So was it worth it?

2)Never don't give me ideas just because you think I have them. I always need more and better ones.

3)Post that recipe, cooking wifey. I'd love to try "Cowboy Spaghetti"!

Amy said...

Susan, I love your blog! It always makes me laugh. I found you through Judy Perez's blog (www.paintedthreads.blogspot.com) and have been reading and enjoying both your art and your writing ever since!

Amy in Austin, TX

susan m hinckley said...

Hi, Amy! Thanks for stopping by the blog, and for your kind words. Your support means a lot, especially on these dreary winter days. It's COLD! So it's really nice when I can come by the blog and warm up.

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