Okay, okay . . . . I admit that wasn't very nice.

In fact, it was downright naughty. Remember when I told you someone called me "bad" for not having my tree decorated? Well, since I knew she was coming over on Friday . . . I positively had to leave it undecorated so I could bask in her scorn. It was a juvenile thing to do -- I felt a lot like a two-year-old who knows her mother expects her to throw a tantrum at Target so she does it. But I just had to live up to the label. So I basked.

However -- tree trimming party at our house tonight! Come on over! Pizza for all!

No? Don't want to reward my juvenile and procrastination-ridden behavior? Can't blame you. But not only is Santa on his way, Chelsea and Hannah are on their way too, so I'm going to buckle down and finish the decorating pronto.

In the interest of Christmas honesty, part of why I'm staying home giving myself a party on Friday night to eat pizza and finish the decorating is that Russ has developed one of his celebrated December colds.

It could wreak havoc with the caroling outing next week -- we'll see. I just want him to rest up and feel better when the kids get here!

Anyway, staying home throwing myself a party will give me a chance to use some of my swell and festive holiday lounge-wear.

Of course! My home-life fashions are nothing if not gay! Comfy, but definitely gay!

Should I wear this hostess coat, simple yet elegant, of Chromspun plaid taffeta with convertible neckline and a small Peter Pan collar and narrow tie? (Sudden Christmas memory: my mother and sisters and I actually had plaid taffeta floor length jumpers for Christmas one year -- orange plaid -- which we wore with blouses with bows!! eeekkk!!)

Or perhaps this practical washable brunch coat of checkered cotton, completely quilt-stitched with a self-belt and collar and pockets trimmed with corduroy. No ironing is necessary!

I'm more comfortable in pants. Perhaps this smart princesse tunic ensemble with gold-braid trimming on the collar and sleeves. . .

Or this satin blouse with jeweled buttons, paired with tapered pants printed in gold with a Chinese motif, perfect for relaxing or entertaining unexpected callers?

I know -- how about green and red sweats!
Festive, comfy, and perfect with pizza (and dog hair!)

And unfortunately just so much more Susan-ish.

December 19 has long been my favorite day of the season (ever since I was a young child); just close enough to be really close to Christmas without being so close that the fun is almost over.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a
Happy December 19th!


Amelia and Justin said...

I want to come to your house and help you decorate!! Our tree has been decorated since the day after Thanksgiving (I'm not trying to brag--it was just the only time I had time) so, I am definitely free to come help!

Are you making the pizza, or ordering in? :)

Pam said...

Those old photos were priceless.Who has a waist that small around Christmas??? Five bites of the ham and pudding and those vintage gals would look like the python that swallowed one of Santa's elves that lingered just a little too long, lost in the shag-pile carpet. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment recently..oh..and no anchovies for me.

susan m hinckley said...

There will never be any anchovies at my party, so no worries. And I would need a girdle on my best day to have a waist like that!

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