O, Tidings of Comfort & Joy!

Well well well . . . now I have missed Christmas altogether. On the blog, I mean, not in real life.

Christmas in real life was just splendid.

Yes, my tree (finally) got decorated.

Okay, not a picture of my tree, but still swell, isn't it? My tree was much less covered with snow-like frosty rayon flocking and much less pink.

Thanks for the picture, Chels!

Yes, many delicious treats were concocted and are still being devoured, including but not limited to cookies:

(THE cookies with the currant jelly and beautiful shiny white icing -- and for some reason this year's batch was perhaps the best ever)

and rice pudding with raspberry sauce. Eaten just this morning for breakfast -- boxing-day Breakfast of Champions.

Yes, amazing gifts were made and traded with my quirky husband and our amazing funky chitlins. This will deserve a post all its own. Some family members truly outdid themselves this year. And I'll be able to show it all to you, lucky reader, because . . .

Santa brought me a surprise camera!

What??!! Pictures for the blog that weren't taken in the 1920's - 1950's? I don't know. I fear change. And it looks complicated.

We'll see how that goes -- it's got a big instruction manual and my kids go back to school in January, so I'd better start reading now.

Assuming I ever do manage to take a picture and get it successfully onto my computer. . .
I realize I'm the last one at this digital photography party, so please bear with me while I make annoying exclamations like "This is amazing! Look what it can do!" and other things you all talked about long before I arrived.

Merry (blog)post-Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year week to all!


Judy said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog. Merry Day After and Happy New Year!

Amelia and Justin said...

Merry Christmas. We loved your ornament--and there was much fighting over who got which one...next year you should choose for us!

I love you all and I am glad your Christmas was good! :)

susan m hinckley said...

Sorry about the ornament fighting -- truth is, I couldn't decide and everything I predicted had turned out to be wrong, so I decided to leave the process to you. We loved your ornament, too! And you definitely win the packaging award -- the word "over-achiever" was used with much love and a little guilt. Very cool and I'm going to of course keep the package to store the ornament! Chelsea's are done -- I'll send them soon. Lindsay's are at least in process, so I think they'll materialize. Hannah's are still mostly in the "conceptual" stage, I fear . . . Oh well, first year. We'll figure it out with time.

Amelia and Justin said...

I'm glad you liked them :) The boxes were the only way I could guarantee they wouldn't get "gooshed" during shipping. And I wish I could take credit for using the boxes, but the idea came from my mom.

Chris thought that everyone started out with the same ornament base, and we all had to come up with our own way of decorating them. Amanda and I thought that was a really intriguing idea--maybe next year??

Pam said...

Sounds wonderful. Haave fun with that camera!

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