When you're talkin' all I hear is "blah blah blah" . . . Baby, you got nothin' to say . . .

Does anyone else feel as if they are in danger of losing their mind before the election is over? Because I can't take it anymore!
blah blah blah to infinity (and beyond . . .)

Since I work alone in my studio most of the day, I like to have the TV or radio on for a little company, but we are approaching the saturation point at which I will not be able to absorb another political ad (or media analysis) without my head exploding. I am particularly tired of the woman who does voice-overs (for everyone, it seems) with that sickening motherly I'm-so-disappointed-shame-on-you voice.

If you actually believed the TV commercials, you'd be completely terrified of every option we've been given. How can anyone participate in such ads and keep a straight face? Beats me.

My cowboy/farmer grandpa didn't put much stock in politicians. In fact, there's a story about him that goes something like this: He learned that a friend had decided to run for a local public office. His response? "I didn't even know he was a crooked son-of-a-bitch!" (hee hee)

My other grandpa was a true political junkie. He worked (and hobbied) in and around politics all his life. He was a true believer -- a button wearing, sign toting, joke telling, walking political advertisement. I had an ice cream cone riding on a bet with him for every election I can remember from the time I was old enough to understand what it was all about. In fact, I clearly remember treating him to a vanilla ice cream cone when Jimmy Carter won, because for some reason I didn't think Jimmy would.
Or maybe I just liked playing the game with my grandpa.
(I believe the cone cost a whopping .25 cents of my babysitting swag. Susan, you're old.)

Politically, I am the product of a mixed marriage. My mother is a dyed in the wool, vote a straight ticket democrat. My father is a somewhat obnoxious republican, although (to his credit) he is the first to tell you that 8 years of W. has been a spectacular mistake. I think he just pretends to be a republican anyway to irritate my mom. It has worked for over 50 years.

(F Minus -- by Tony Carillo)

So I suppose I come by all this political angst and cynicism naturally.

I watched the debate and since no one ever really answers a question directly anyway, I think we should devise a new way to judge candidates. Perhaps we should put them in a room with a box of craft materials and a deadline, and see what they come up with. Would they be able to come up with something as useful and creative as this, for example?


From this exercise we might learn a few useful things:

1) How resourceful and creative are the candidates?
2) How open are they to seeing and exploring the possibilities?
3) Will they be able to do their best work under pressure?
4) Can they determine which glue is right for the job?
5) Do they have good taste in decorative accessories?

Just an idea.

Oh yes -- to show you that I keep all of my campaign promises, here is the finished piece!

I really like the way the wool knots on the border turned out. Part of my slowdown was trying to figure out what I was going to do on that wide border, but I loved the color and shape of the piece so much, I didn't want to trim the wide borders away. (You can't see it because the scanner is too small, but there is a delightfully irregular edge.) I think this treatment makes it look like popcorn chenille, which I've always been so fond of!

If you remember the original sketch at all, you may notice that the flower morphed quite a bit as I went along. That's because (like any politician --oops!-- I mean artist . . . we're not both trying to sell you something!?) I am continually searching for what feels good to me as I go along, regardless of what I initially promised . . . and I just liked this flower better.

Okay. Rant over.

Rock the vote! (preferably soon . . . and I'm voting for Harry.)


Amanda and Christopher said...

I say more Grandpa Kenneth and Grandpa Clarence stories!!!!
Your finished piece is mahvelous, I love love love the wool knots!!

Cami said...

The blah blah blah has at least been somewhat entertaining -- lol at Tina Fey's impressions on SNL has kept me smiling through the pain of it all. She is a ringer for Palin and has such great material to work with.
I love your idea for forcing everyone to come up with creative crafts. It is too late for my brain to be creative right now but a fun game could be "What do you think each candidate might make?" Hmm, like I said too tired right now, but . . . John might make a "you too can be a Maverick" costume, guaranteed to provide the wearer of such attire the ability to reach across "party lines", therefore solving any issues you might have with "the other party". Of course you can be a maverick for whatever cause / party you choose. Can I buy one? I have some issues.
I won't get started on all of them but . . . can we please just separate church and state? Oh wait, if we do that, Tina Fey will have less material to work with and millions of dollars might actually be spent helping people instead of wasted (by both sides) on CA prop 8. I for one will sacrifice my SNL laughs.

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks for my first belly laugh of the new week, Cami! I'm going to have to think about what each candidate might make because there could be a future post there somewhere . . . My dad tried to tell me the other day (when I was ranting about the unbelieveable Palin/Couric interview) that I had actually been watching Tina Fey, but I didn't realize it, because they look so much alike. He was serious! That was confusing and sad. No convincing him. I guess it IS rather inconceivable that it was the ACTUAL vice presidential candidate on that interview, now that I think about it . . .

april said...

no, susan, thank you for the belly laughs. i loved this post. (sorry it has me a while to read it). love that your dad likes to annoy your mom; and yes, i do think having the candidates make a craft would be more helpful. i did hear an interview with ralph nader recently saying how they never invite him to the debates since he would actually try and make them answer the question. i actually would love to see ralph nader in a debate trying to mix things up. i love that you would bet ice cones with your grandpa. sounds like a fun tradition. but mostly, i love your beautiful piece of artwork. that wool know border is delightlful. well done!

april said...

excuse all my typos: ice cream cone, knot instead of know, etc....

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