Que sera . . . sera . . . whatever will be, will be.

When I went to file away my fortune from the previous post, I couldn't resist looking through some of the other fortunes in my collection (who can resist an envelope full of fortune cookie fortunes?) And because I like to hear myself talk, I was particularly happy to find this one on the top of the heap:

I think they meant "capitalize on it," but one probably shouldn't be critical of fortune cookie wisdom. The beauty of fortune cookie fortunes is they can operate on so many levels. (Remember in my last post how I suddenly realized that most things in my life were wonderful? I'm not sure I should always make it so easy for them.) For instance:

How can they go wrong with a prediction like that? I obviously went out for Chinese food in order to get the fortune in the first place, so it's a slam dunk for the fortune writers. And it continues to come true -- today I went to Jimmy John's for the #6 with no mayo. On the other hand, maybe the fortune was referring to more than just going to restaurants. Perhaps my natural cynicism gets in the way of my truly understanding what was at the heart of that cookie.

Glass half empty, anyone? I'm sorry. It's just the way I am. I'm going to try to do better.

See? It's an inspired idea. The first thing I'm going to try to change is my natural, autumn-induced laziness.

Actually, right now I seem to start dreading my next workout while I'm getting in the shower from this one. And the darkness makes me want to sleep until 9am. I could also eat my head off, if I could get my mouth around it. Russ and I went through an entire pecan pie in record time this weekend. (If you haven't read my blog before, please stay away from the diet post in the archives.) I wouldn't feel bad about myself, but I also found this fortune:

And I just don't feel like I'm functioning superbly. (Plus now I learn that it should come automatically.) But there may be an explanation:

I think the problem is that I have a potential urge, but no actual urge. Actually, that explains a lot.

Now we're going to switch to another topic, because:

Here's where we know fortune writers are lying, or else I picked the wrong cookie on the plate. Because Mr. Monk looks extremely versatile compared to me. Have you and I ever traveled together, for instance? Let me take this opportunity to extend my apologies to anyone who has ever been a victim of my lack of versatility. Maybe that's why they sent me this one again.

Perhaps fortunes should really be viewed as goals.

At least they got this one right:

Because I've never met an October where I wasn't considering a career change -- one that doesn't require me to make lots of art to get ready for Christmas shows, and preferably one that will relocate me to a warmer climate, if that's not asking too much. I don't want to be greedy.
But enough about me. Let's see what else I can find by rummaging through this pile . . .

Looking back, remember how this was supposed to be done before my trip?

Sorry. But it's getting really close!

I promise next time you see it, I'll be finished with it. And that will be soon.
Looking ahead, I'm working on some little collages for a variety of Christmas uses. Here are a few of the sketches I'm considering:

I'll show you a collage, as soon as I get one done.

Good. I hoped if I showed you a sketch I'd feel doubly committed. Because actually, I love making art for Christmas. It's one of my favorite things! I don't know why I was complaining earlier. You would be well within your rights to click the "x" on my whining. How can someone with such a great life who is doing exactly what they want to be doing every day of the week complain?

I don't know about delightful, but it's certainly a mystery. Now I think I'd better stop obsessing about myself and do something for someone else, because:

(actually, I guess the hoping for an inheritance part of that makes it still technically about myself. So technically, will the nice thing I did for someone else really count as being nice? Technically?)

Rats. This could go on all day. I'm closing the envelope.


Amelia and Justin said...

Wow...seriously, who else could make an entire post based on fortunes they have received? I bow to your blog, and you :)

I actually did see the comment about my Organ playing. Thank you. You are too kind.

Jamie Noel said...

Hooray for your Francis! She sounds a bit fiesty and worthy of the name.
This post reminds me of the time a bunch of us moms were talking in the school parking lot at pick up time one day. The kids were all climbing around my friend's minivan and getting restless so she pulled a bag of fortune cookies from the bag and gave it to our kids. Imagine our shock when our little kindergarteners started trying to sound out the words of these x-rated fortune cookies! My friend still claims she had no idea...hmmmm,I wonder.

Jake and Chelsea said...

hahahaha! i actually have a susan fortune cookie fortune hanging on my wall right beside my bed. it says: the current year will bring you much happiness. lovely blog.

and i fear i may have created a monster when i taught you how to scan...you can't be stopped!

susan m hinckley said...

It's true -- the scanner and I have become very close. But what I actually need now is a lovely digital camera, and a tutorial from my favorite tech expert to help me learn to not only take the pics but also get them to my blog . . . . Santa? Chelsea?

Amanda and Christopher said...

Wonderful post, I don't think I have ever received fortunes like those, what Chinese place are you going to, I think I need some of those...or perhaps you are just amazing enough to make an ordinary fortune seem extraordinary! I think its number two.

susan m hinckley said...

Well thanks, Amanda, that was really nice! We have a restaurant in town that has rude and shocking fortunes, but for some reason I don't have any of those in my collection -- I actually wish I did! But I was wondering from the previous comment where one would obtain x-rated fortunes? I must lead a really sheltered life!

Cami said...

I have been reading for a while but finally signed up for a google identity so I can comment. I have lots to say but I will stick to the fortunes . . . my friend from Korea said that when you choose your fortune from the tray you give it to another person at the table prior to opening it . . . that way if it is a bad fortune it is not really yours. Just thought you might like to use this ancient Korean secret in the future. I miss you! LOVE THE BLOG.

susan m hinckley said...

Ancient Korean secret, huh? . . . Did she have any laundry tips? (Actually, you're all much too young to have any idea what I'm talking about.) Cami -- Welcome! Any trips to Chicago in your future? (she asks hopefully . . .)

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