See Susan. See Susan work. Work Susan, work.

is almost over.

will soon be here.

Then comes

Class dismissed.
Go outside and play.


Amelia and Justin said...

I love you. A very fun blog :)

april said...

love the "Brrr" and the "peace" one, but the face on that snowman is pretty amazing too. keep up the good work. when is this baltimore show? really, i think we will be visiting my aunt who lives in maryland that weekend.

susan m hinckley said...

I hope you do! Anyone within the sound of my voice who wants to be in the Baltimore vicinity (last weekend in February) will be welcomed with open arms! I promise we'll make it fun and also hook you up with free tickets.

Jeanie said...

Love all of these pieces. The girl in the snowsuit is my favorite. As ever, you amaze me!

Hannah Francis said...

you and your insecurities are incredibly stupid if you cant see how amzing everything you make are!

susan m hinckley said...

That is the pot calling the kettle something, if I have ever heard it. Do you laugh at yourself when you say such funny things?!!

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