Small Works is brought to you today by the letter "S" and by the number 30something

This is a picture of me while I was trying to upload the images to create a slideshow of some of my work this morning (the "s" is for slides and the 30something is how many it takes to make Susan crazy). Was it my ridiculously unreliable internet connection? My advanced age? (people now seem to be born knowing how to DO THINGS) The natural shyness, or perhaps stubbornness, of my subjects? I'll let you draw your own conclusions. But I'm ever so glad that I can now introduce you to some of the people in my neighborhood. Someday -- when the hair I tore out this morning has grown in -- I'll figure out how to scan the slides so I can add some of my older work. I'll save that for a day I'm really bored. Probably February.

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Jessie said...

i love love LOVE your artwork!

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