It's Not that Easy Bein' Green . . .

Especially if you're a newly minted Vermonter trying to adjust to life in a 160 year old inn. Everyone send good wishes to Jake and Chelsea, who find themselves in a bona fide struggle/adventure trying to adjust to their new lives. And while I'm on that subject, Happy 1st Anniversary, you two!

It is easy bein' green if you're Lindsay drawing a picture of Kermit the Frog (above), which she created with a box of crayola crayons while sitting by a swimming pool. She's unbelieveable. I've never created anything with crayola crayons that didn't look like -- well -- crayola crayons. She has my undying respect and admiration. Everyone send good wishes to Lindsay that she can find an art job to showcase her enormous talent. No one deserves it more!

It is also easy bein' green if you are referring to eating guacamole at Gabriel's, just north of Santa Fe, NM. I happened upon Gabriel's actual recipe today. If you haven't experienced Gabriel's, it must be added to your list of things to do before you die. They actually come around with a guacamole cart and make it at your table in a bowl the size of your head. And it truly is MUSEUM QUALITY guacamole. Gabriel spent 25 years figuring out the perfect way to ripen an avocado -- it involves black garbage bags, bananas, a scientific formula for when to leave the bag open and when to close it, and a little Santa Fe magic . . . You can try making it at home with this recipe, but if you don't have Gabriel on hand to ripen the avocados for you, I fear that the attempt will be -- while perhaps quite delicious -- still vain. But we can all dream of eating guacamole at Gabriel's on this Friday night!

Green happens to be my favorite color. I used to say that blue was my favorite color, because I wanted my mom to like me and her favorite color was blue (analysis, anyone?!) but around about the middle of elementary school I figured out that I could pick my own favorite color. It was, and continues to be, GREEN. Perhaps that explains my love for Kermit and guacamole. But would it explain why I bothered to share any of this with you? If you are still reading, and you have a bag of tortilla chips, come on over . . . . there's enough guacamole in my dreams for EVERYONE.


Jake and Chelsea said...

Your slideshow was awesome! Jake and I loved it. And I need a copy of that Kermit. I will pay Lindsay a royalty if she wants it, and I also want several other characters. Fozzy and Sam Eagle and Gonzo in particular. And Beaker. And Dr. Vincent Bon Honeydew. OKAY I WANT THEM ALL. But first kermit (and fozzy).

And this post was great. you are getting to be such a good blogger! Jake wrote a post about our anniversary. He is a funny guy.

You are a great mom. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I'm so happy you have a blog and that I will have a chance to watch the play by play of your creative genius!

I'm always going back between blue and green - maybe it's the combo of the two that I like most? Thanks for sharing the guac!

PS I hope to get going on Hinckley's painting soon, the art fair and summer craziness has taken over - is it still okay to give it to you in December when you come to Chicago?

Anonymous said...

PPS...Hinckley! of course I meant Cooper: Special Agent Dale Cooper!

Susan M Hinckley said...

Of course you know we'll be excited to get it whenever it happens -- the room we want to put it in hasn't made any progress either, so December will probably be just right. Can't wait!

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