We sold it!  
It's a miracle!

Getting all the closets cleaned out before the packers come will be an even bigger one.

To celebrate/recover...I took a little 10 day trip without really mentioning it to anyone -- anyone being, in this case specifically, YOU, Dear Reader!

I couldn't tell you, because the sale did not really become final until I was already well into my vacation.  You understand, I hope!

Since we signed the papers, I believe I have gained 5 pounds.  The revelry must end.

And it will....Monday.  
Small Works will return on Tuesday, August 14.

Miss you!

(sorry,  I said that with my mouth full and while wearing a swimsuit, but it isn't the first time in our friendship that I've been glad we're not blogging via Skype...)



luanne said...

Yay & congrats! Hope you will find a place here soon so your new desert adventure can officially begin! Meanwhile, enjoy your stealth vacation. (I wondered about it when you said you had lunch with Hannah...)

Judy said...

Hooray for miracles! Let the Great Migration begin (or maybe conclude)!

Leenie said...

Best wishes! NO MORE snow and gray winters! Yes, the honesty of technology has its drawbacks and Skype is on that list. Enjoy the revelry!

Allie said...

Hooray!!!! [throws confetti, hoping none falls down the front of your swimsuit] I'm so very very happy for you!!!

Amelia Poll said...

Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!!!!

Pam said...

Congratulations! Here's to the next big adventure!

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