Thursday already? Time flies...

First, an update on my little bird friends --

All 4 babies successfully made it off the ledge, eventually.
And I was lucky enough to get to see 3 of them take the leap!

It was amazing!  

But then Russ asked me how I am going to entertain myself now that my "science project" has come to an end....and he makes a valid point.  The dining room suddenly seems a lot more boring than it has for the past several weeks.

I immediately looked in the refrigerator to see if I had any accidental science projects started that I could use to replace my baby robin adventure.  But unfortunately (and in a rare turn of events) there's no current candidate for a mold-farm there, since these days I have to keep my refrigerator ever ready for inspection.

Perhaps I should make a tiny "for sale" sign for the nest, in hopes that another family will take up residence?  Hopefully it would get more action than the one in my front yard seems to be generating... 

Which reminds me -- I found this while cleaning out my purse this morning:

Who knows how long it has been there?  But I have a long-standing rule that any fortune cookie fortune freshly re-discovered is just as valid as one that tumbles directly from the cookie onto your plate.  I immediately thanked Ms. Fate for reaching out to give me a pat -- a little "there, there" from the universe to indicate that I'm completely justified in my crankiness at the approaching 4th of July holiday for which I find myself....STILL HERE.

Oh well -- not much rush by any sane person to get to Phoenix in July anyway, now is there? 

But think how smart I will seem when I am FINALLY moving there next February!


Amelia Poll said...

I'll just put it out there... The 4th of July is AWESOME here in DC :) and if you come out here and stay until the 8th, you can hear me sing in church on Sunday :)

Good luck. Let's hope you're moving to AZ before February... But what a fabulous fortune. I never seem to get good fortunes.

Leenie said...

Fate or whatever...that fortune cookie message is very wise and very appropriate. I'll say an AAARRRRGGH! for you here.

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