Oh yeah.....I ALMOST FORGOT!!

You know you may have too much on your plate...

when you are worried that you might forget a show --

That's right, it's the  
this weekend!  

That means set-up is tonight and tomorrow, followed by the big champagne kick-off party tomorrow night, and show days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Normally, I would be running around like this:

trying to survive framing week and get things loaded up to go.

Instead, I am running around like this:

getting a whole house full of new carpet today.  The truck is already loaded, and has been since Sunday, as my trusty booth-hand now lives in Phoenix but does drop by to help sometimes on weekends....and so I am going to be doing this show solo.....


Whatever would possess me 
to agree to something like that?

Only the desire to participate in what will almost certainly be my last ACC St. Paul Show.  I want to say goodbye to old friends (and new!) and enjoy hob-nobbing with my fellow wizards one last time before I pack up the studio and work on developing some more lasting relationships with cacti.

Consequently, I have a whole lot of mixed feelings today.....




an overwhelming desire to go upstairs and turn down
the carpet-layers' REALLY LOUD country music

fear of forgetting something --
like my booth, or my work, or how to talk about art

If you are in St. Paul this weekend, I sure hope you'll come by Rivercentre (Booth 1103) to say hello/good-bye!  

And if you aren't, I sure hope you'll come back 
for the Show Report 
(sure to be the last one for awhile) 
when Small Works returns on Monday, April 23.

Either way,
hope to see you soon!




Leenie said...

Very, very best wishes on finding that chicken head and on having a great time at the show.

New carpet. So nice when its done. Just wish you could take it with you like the furniture.

the hinckleys said...

boy, i thought i had a lot to day today. guess i was mistaken. good luck with the art show and the move!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm having a nervous breakdown just reading about your week. Yikes! But hope you have a wonderful show -- nice you'll have a chance to see your artist friends again before the move. Deep breaths & courage!

Allie said...

I can't be there in person, but I'll be there in spirit, Susan! And of course I'll be waiting for the show report. I think I'd pull the fuse on the outlet they've plugged their music into....and just shrug helplessly if they complain....

Amelia Poll said...

Best of luck! I guess this is goodbye, old friend... It's sad that you don't even get to revel in the fact that you are already packed, and ready for this show well in advance because you are having to deal with so many other things.

Soon the moving ordeal will be over, and you'll be in AZ in no time. I hope you are able to find some local shows to do out there as well...

Much love and well-wishes coming your way!!

Pam said...

All this sounds exciting Susan! All the best with everything.

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