A Tiny Tuesday Tidbit.

I know it's hard to tell 
in the winter sometimes . . .

but occasionally I come across 
things that make me smile.

For instance, I looked out my bedroom window the other morning 
and there was a tiny path leading away across my roof:

Not sure who left it or where they were headed, but I knew it couldn't last
so I reached for my camera.  

And sure enough, within a few hours, the trail, 
and the moment, were lost.

This morning of the small snow 
I count the blessings,
the leak in the faucet 
which makes of the sink time, 
the drop of the water on water. 

-- Charles Olson 

That's all today.  Not much.
Just a small thanks for a small gift,
even though the giver never knew 
there was a gift at all . . . 

Sometimes those are the best kind.


Allie said...

Such a sweet little path of tracks....I could have cried when I looked out and saw the snow today, instead I turned on every light in my sewing room, lol. Almost time to get the Christmas lights out...

luanne said...

Tiny tracks of life's joy, well captured to keep forever. Thanks for sharing, they made me smile too.

Pam said...

Lovely! Those are the best kind of gifts. Meanwhile, I am Christmas shopping in the heat here in Australia.Think I'd prefer snow!

Leenie said...

I'm so glad you grabbed your camera and saved the happy hopping. I often think how nice it is that snow is white. At least it reflects any scrap of light and all colors. What if snow were navy blue or, orange? How about that for a weird thought.

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