Sunday Scribble


image by Mostafa Habibi

Technical Difficulties

no bootstraps
but there are no boots
no paddles because
there is not a boat
and this creek continues
its rise around me
anyway, no matter
I can't feel my arms
even if I wanted to take it
I could not hold a hand
what with being buried
and all, I guess
I'll just wait here

-- smh

This poem is a Magpie Tale. I identified with the picture immediately, coming from a family in which 6 generations have struggled with severe depression.  I'm okay now, thank you, but there are those around me who remain in quicksand. Not being able to help is its own kind of helpless feeling.   

At least I understand, which is a place to start.

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Frances Garrood said...

A lovely original take on the picture!

Kathe W. said...

great take on the image!

Other Mary said...

Yes, this is a very apt description of the helplessness and powerlessness of depression. Glad you hear you're better. I'm sure this will resonate with a lot of folks.

Catfish Tales said...

I guess you must. :)

Leenie said...

Your poetry expresses so well the numbness of depression.

To someone who likes to breathe the image is terrifying and suffocating. But even worse to see a loved one struggle and to be unable to help.

Helen said...

Knowing your family history makes this even more chilling ... Knowing that today you are OK is life affirming.

Allie said...

Having struggled with this also my whole life, I related to it immediately as well - and you've captured it perfectly with your words! I'm glad to hear you've made it through, me too, but it haunts me.

Martin said...

Nicely crafted around a great title.

Cad said...

Hmmm... resignation wins?

Lolamouse said...

Very creative and excellent take on the prompt. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad, lonesome image and I feel guilty for laughing, but laugh I did.

Hilarious piece.

Brian Miller said...

the scary part for me is just what you might be waiting on

HyperCRYPTICal said...

That's sad - but wonderful words!

Anna :o]

Tumblewords: said...

A strong and poignant piece. And yes, not being able to help is the worst kind of helplessness. Excellent work.

Dave King said...

One cool poem from one cool customer. Me like!

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