Crying at McDonald's.

It takes a pretty big person . . . (no pun intended) to admit they were at McDonald's when their last post was a diet post ... but yes, I was there.  AND crying.

Before you ask, "Susan -- Were they out of Diet Coke??!!"
let me assure you that they were not.

There will also be no pending litigation about coffee being too hot, ketchup squirting me in the eye, or a severed pinky in my fries.  McDonald's was in no way responsible for my unfortunate public display.

In fact, I can point 
to no specific trigger.  


However, possible options could include:

1) Mickey D's big-screen tv blabbing CNN 24/7 (but not Fox News, so this could have been worse)

2) on a related note -- Michele Bachmann continuing her bid for president while Donald Trump complains about Dick Cheney saying mean things about people (and all of it getting media coverage)

3) the people who look like they might live at our McDonald's

4) the sins of the world

5) the McDonald's Redbox ALWAYS being out of order

6) the fact that I've been trying to clean my desk for 2 days, but now it's just piled with creative re-arrangement

7) this sling I want to burn, especially because my arm feels better when I wear it

8) the jackets-necessary forecast for Sunday -- WHAT THE WHAT?!

9) the fact that my husband is not at the Apple Valley McDonald's but instead in San Francisco eating world-class Chinese

10) all of the above

But whatever the reason, or lack thereof, I thought it might be helpful just to let you know it happened.  In case you've ever sat in a McDonald's and felt like crying, and wondered...
"Am I the only one??!"  

You're not, Dear Reader.  You just have a little more self control (or self respect) than some of us do.

No matter where you find yourself, 
I hope the Labor Day holiday finds you smiling and
soaking up the late summer sunshine with gusto.
Bask, people!  It can't last.

Happy Weekend!  




luanne said...

Not knowing exactly where to start with this one, I fled to the kitchen to consume half a carrot cupcake while pondering.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who's sometimes cried in public. It used to hit me in TJ Maxx more often than McDonalds. Or in the car heading to the mall, I would just burst into tears. Nonspecific gloom would get the best of me. Lately it happens less, but still...

So I feel for you. It's probably none of the above & all of the above & more, depending.

I hope you have a sunny weekend there. Sunshine is a good antidote for nonspecific gloom. A walk or some birds to watch can help too.

Ironically, we're having an unseasonably gray day here and I'm 3 miserable sleep-deprived days into a brutal cold. So not quite a model of good cheer here.

Feel better!

Leenie said...

A brutal experience. I don't even need to go anywhere to feel gloom, despair,and agony. Just thinking about the end of warm days makes me want to weep. I even thought of the (jacket) word yesterday.

Do you have a tentative date set for the sling burning (assuming you don't use that arm to punch out the Redbox and/or the big screen tv at MD's)?

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Jackets never leave one in this Mediterranean climate here. It’s in the 50’s at nine in the morning and eight at night and cool 60’s and breezy during most days. We love our jacket wardrobes here !~! Have a good holiday.

Crying seems to be happening everywhere for me for the last three years-unwanted, unbidden and unstoppable tears overcome me and there appears to be nothing to be done about it.

Allie said...

I don't think it would be possible for me to cry at McD's - I love their fries and just the smell of them is enough to cheer me up. I think I need to visit there and get my winter fat on. Although not as much as last winter, as summer failed to take care of the excess....

And what IS it with tv's everywhere? Are we incapable of thinking for ourselves anymore, we have to be entertained 24/7, we must have someone talking at us ALL the time? I see tv's all over and I get very angry, which is a total waste of time. Nobody listens to me, they're all watching the idiot box. Even our library has them!!!

Judy said...

#9 made ME cry, and I am not even at a McDonald's.

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