It's July 1 . . . Do you know where your fireworks are?

While waiting in the checkout line at the store this morning,
I had to roll my eyes at the teaser on the cover of this month's

What Men Crave in July . . .

I was hoping that might be something simple like a tall glass of lemonade, but I have a feeling it had more to do with 101 Creative Uses For Hot Dogs!, or perhaps  Do-it-Yourself Fireworks!!!

I did not read the article, 
but it did make me think for a moment 
about what I crave in July . . . 

including, but not limited to:

a tour of Aunt Lillie's flower garden, de rigueur for visitors to her house

the slam of the screen door on the porch

the boom boom of a marching band that vibrates your entire soul

-or-  their quiet shuffle to the tick-tick of drumsticks as they go by,
instruments tucked under arms

sparklers, and sulphery-smelling snakes that leave a burn mark on the sidewalk 
to irritate grandma (to the delight of grandpa)

the dull thud of horseshoes being thrown in the yard

a stream of cousins, chasing and laughing, quarreling and complaining about the grownups

ice-cold pop in fruity flavors, or sno-cones sucked nearly dry

toasted marshmallows -- 
when they catch fire by accident, throw them in the air and yell "Apollo!"

badminton grudge matches
running through sprinklers, or getting caught in them fully dressed

sleeping out in the company of crickets and stars

okay, and hot dogs . . . 
the kind you put on a stick and hold over the fire until they are blistered and perfect 
(please tell me someone brought the potato chips?!)

If anyone has read the Cosmo article,
please write and let me know how closely my list resembles theirs . . .

(bearing in mind, of course, that here at Small Works we strive 
to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere!)

Or better yet, if you haven't read it, let me know what you 
might add to the list.

And have a perfectly-summer,
memory worthy weekend, 
chock full of all the things you crave 
whenever July rolls around . . .



Leenie said...

PERFECT! It would be hard to add to your list, Susan. Oh, there could be more food like watermelon and potato salad...which reminds me I've gotta go see if I have enough eggs.

luanne said...

Lucky you, if you actually had such holidays! Family gatherings were generally way more stressful than fun when I was a kid, so usually I sought out a quiet corner to read and stay out of trouble.

But I did enjoy the cheeseburgers and potato salad, and maybe some strawberry shortcake too...

Allie said...

Oh you're making me long for the good old days - how about the heart-stopping moment when you jump in the lake, and the water's so cold you can't breathe....or collecting minnows in a paper cup....or chasing the Good Humor man down the street...

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