Writing Wednesday.




a sort of egg, a self-contained start
not knowing what came first or when
a strange place to find myself
here, where I've been before
and the part of me that left
right back where I stayed
waiting for my own return --
I suppose I needed time to want
to be here, a reason
to visit the past, that country
long left but looming all the same
I can run but my quick steps
carve a spiral path
circling in upon myself, then back
to stand here where I hope
I'll stay, still and waiting but
for what, I cannot say

-- smh

Nothing better for a Wednesday than a Magpie Tale!  Want to write your own?  I guarantee it will help you over the hump . . .

for inspiration, 
hop on over here  
and read a few more.



Isabel Doyle said...

clever extension of the chicken and egg philosophy - well done

Helen said...

Concentric ... love the title, nice Magpie!

Allie said...

Lovely Magpie Susan - you really have a way with words! WRITE A BOOK!

Leenie said...

I'm so tempted to jump into that writing group. It looks like a great exercise with little obligation if things get crazy during a week. Hmmm... have to think about it.

Your self-containment and spiral path circling in and waiting is well said. With the way the world is right now most of us are pulling in and deciding what is vital and what is not--trying to maintain our life without totally shutting down.

BTW: I planned all along to send you a "prize," not only because you were the first to guess my photos correctly but because I think of you as a friend. Please send a mailing address to black.eileen@yahoo.com and the gift will be on its way.

susan m hinckley said...

Jump right in there, Leenie -- it's the greatest group, you can just participate when the mood strikes with absolutely no obligation when it doesn't. Do it!

Dave King said...

I enjoyed this immensely. Wicked!

Steve Isaak said...

Good-flow, wending versifying. Solid work.

Trellissimo said...

Unusual but enjoyable.

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