Wednesday? Well then . . .

Time to load up the truck at last -- 
headed for St. Paul to set up for the big show:

My cutting it close has reached new heights 
in preparation for this show --

I guess I need the discipline of having to travel to shows to get me ready in a more timely manner.  
(Or to just get some self-discipline.)

But I finished two new pieces for the show!
  Two, you say?  Only two?!

Let us not forget that Baltimore was only 6 weeks ago, friends . . . and one of the new pieces has 10 characters in it:

Back at the Ranch, Susan M. Hinckley, 30" x 2.5", 2011

This piece turned out to be really fun -- to make, and hopefully to have in the booth.  The letters are leather with the most wonderful crackly finish, and the dot over the "i" is the pearl button cover from a western shirt.  I had more fun with this piece than I've had in a long time!  When I do these tiny characters, I cut them freehand from my scrap pile and therefore I'm never quite sure who's going to materialize until they show up.

Vocabulary Lesson No. 26, Susan M. Hinckley, 2011

I always love doing my Vocabulary Lesson pieces, and this was no exception -- at this show, he'll be keeping company with my idiosyncratic dog and my lackadaisical chicken.  I think a gourmet cat was just the thing.

I apologize for the pictures, which are dismal even by my low standards, but you can attribute them to your choice of factors:

1) running like mad for 3 days
2) too much caffeine
3) no good light available at the last second

I hope to see a lot of friendly faces this weekend, so if you're in or around St. Paul, please stop by booth 2402 and say hello! After all, you'll want to do something to take your mind off the impending snowstorm . . . 

Yes, you read that right.  And if you're lucky enough to be somewhere it's still spring, please come back Monday for everybody's favorite blog feature . . .

The Small Works Show Report!

(I'll take good notes.)

Adios, Amigos!



luanne said...

Wish I could be there to see these fab new friends (& and all your small works) in person. But I'll be cheering you on from afar. Have a wonderful show!

Helen said...

I wish, I wish I could snap my fingers and just be there! I'll think of you and know my wish is for a hugely successful time. I miss Minneapolis.

Leenie said...

Me too! I'd LOVE to be there. Your new creations are stupendous! Your work is so very unique and fun. Hope this show provides a Bonanza for you!

Allie said...

I would LOVE to be there and see these pieces in person - Susan, I think Back At The Ranch is my favorite EVER! I love the characters, the execution of the theme - love it so much I can't stand it. I think you should do more like this - how about 'It was a dark and stormy night'? I am so in awe of you.

I don't want to hear about a snowstorm. [putting my fingers in my ears.] It's MID-APRIL!!!!!!!

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