Draw Wars . . . the prequel.

Here's a preamble of sorts to yesterday's post 
(I only came across it last night):

I'd never thought of adding labels 
to explain my drawings . . . 
would they help?

Something like, "This is a lady.  Her head is a teapot.  Her arms are really long.  Because she's a teapot.  Get it?  I have absolutely no idea why she's pukey green."

Hmmm -- I don't know . . . only more confusing?! 
(Maybe I'd better just keep working on learning to draw.) 

Hope you're 
well on your way 
to a terrific Tuesday!



Leenie said...

LOL! I need that cartoon to hang in my cubicle, hole, desk area--whatever at work. Sales reps would appreciate it so much. They bring me orders for tee shirt art that looks very much like that. " Bobcat mascot head; big teeth, blood dripping from fangs, mean eyes, name of school here, but outline in black..."

As long as we're communicating without the need for Vulcan Mind Meld--I'm happy.

And even if the teapot is a bit green, she has wonderfully healthy pink cheeks.

Allie said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! You don't need labels, Susan! I think your art is brilliant!

Karen S said...

I firmly believe that writers should not explicate their own work and neither should visual artists. Your work is just fine without the labels. It makes me happy. Thanks.

susan m hinckley said...

One of my favorite quotes says, "If a poem can be improved by its author's explanations, it never should have been published."

-- Archibald McLeish

I agree with you, Karen!

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