Voila! (and it's about time.)

Do you remember ever getting 
tired of your friends when you were a kid --

say, after a sleepover or summer camp --

and just wanting them to go home so you could be alone and do what you want?

Well, that's how I felt last night when I finally finished 
 what seemed to be the incredible growing piece:

Mother Nature Tries Asking Nicely, 9.75 x 15", Susan M. Hinckley, 2011

So I quickly snapped a picture and sent her home.  And where's home?  

This cowboy boot box, of course.  It's where my pieces go to chill for awhile before being carted to the photographer, and eventually matted and framed.

My photographer still can't really believe that I show up with my work in a cowboy boot box, and ridicules me mercilessly.   But it's just the right size and so handy!

I'm not proud --

but come to think of it, shouldn't there be some cachet to carting your work around in a cowboy boot box? (Especially a Lucchese box -- c'mon!)

I'm also fond of wearing the boots to church -- highly unusual in my suburban corner of the world -- just to keep people on their toes. I'm sure this is a practice for which I'm also ridiculed mercilessly, but at least the church crowd has the decency to do it behind my back.

And the "eccentric artist" persona won't perpetuate itself, you know . . . I feel it's my duty.

Usually when the little details of finishing a piece have me feeling like 
I'm slogging through wool mud,

I offer myself a nice reward for finishing . . .

Unfortunately, my only reward this time 
is a pile of additional work. 

And the satisfaction 
of a job well done  
(or at least DONE),
of course.  

I never see what has been done; 
I only see what remains to be done.  

 -- Buddha 

The best punishment for procrastination is 
to work really hard to get ready for Baltimore. 

-- Susan  M. Hinckley



Leenie said...

Hooray for the finished products in the cowboy boot box. And I totally understand about the friend who won't leave and the project that has to spend some time in the dark before one can stand to look at it again.

For what it's worth I think "Mother Nature Tries Asking Nicely" is superb.

Would love to see your church boots. They should be helpful in your slog toward Baltimore.

Amelia Poll said...

Hooray for the finished product! Love it!

Whenever I wrote papers for school, I never did a final read through before I handed them in. By the time I had was done working so hard on them, I didn't even want to look at them again. It probably wasn't a smart idea, but since I had more than one teacher tell me I should consider a career in writing, I must've done something right :)

Can't wait to see her,your other pieces, and most of all, YOU in Baltimore :)

Judy said...

It was fun to watch the metamorphosis of this piece. I think your Mother Nature pieces are my favorites. This one is superb!

luanne said...

Yes, please model the boots for us!

Susan, I'm just amazed by all the fabulous piecing you included in this one. Can't imagine how you cut all these shapes without patterns! And topped off by your gazillion perfect tiny stitches. They add such great texture. The Mother Nature theme really hits a sweet spot for me, too. That little earth she's holding is perfect. Wish I could see it in person!

Further proof of your creative genius. Carry on, you're
definitely on a roll for Baltimore!

Allie said...

*jumping up and down* Susan this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Well worth it for this viewer who had to do no work on it, lol. Love love love it. You are a rock star. Tell the photographer that next time you'll bring your pieces in the actual boots, and see if he prefers the box. *G*

Hannah said...

Sometimes, it just hits me, how fantastic you truly are. I am lucky to have such a talented mother! (and it did not go un-noticed that the muffins you drew are starting to allude to dimension...yay drawing lessons!)

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, one and all! Can't wait to get a chance to show off all my new pieces next month, so I really appreciate the successful test-marketing among my most loyal friends.

Shhhh -- Hannah! The drawing lessons are a secret! :)

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