Snow in Atlanta? Ah, the fickle hand of fate . . .

Hooray!  My piece is finished! 
Granted, it was supposed to be finished by the end of December, and it's already January . . .

It's January TENTH??!!

Oh well, so I'm running a little behind.  
That's okay -- I'm not yet to where I'm 
jettisoning projects from the Baltimore To-Do list.

As for the piece, as an introduction 
let me remind you of these:

I'm not sure which specific cards (of the 50) will be included in the frame, but a nice selection of them will be scattered around this piece:

The Hand of Fate Cannot Deal Happiness, Susan M. Hinckley, 2010

The button on the sleeve is an absolutely marvelous antique rhinestone that came in a box with some of my grand & great-grandmother's things.  I've been saving it for just the right project.  I tried hard to capture the time period of the cards with the floral motif.  I'm pretty happy with how this turned out and think it's going to look great when it's framed up with the cards!

Thanks again to the dear reader who shared them with me (don't worry -- I haven't forgotten you!)  

I hope Ms. Fate is treating you all kindly this snowy January Monday, my friends.  

And now . . . Laundry calls!

(Yes, laundry remains, as ever, my Monday fate . . .but I shall choose to be happy anyway. 
Well -- probably not THAT happy,because I think she may be crazy.)



Leenie said...

Your new piece is a winner. I love everything about it...the words, the design, the stitches, the colors. The rhinestone button is the perfect cherry on top. Of course the cards are so fun. What a treasure.

I agree that we shouldn't wait to be dealt a winning hand by Fate. I think happiness can be made or destroyed by the same hand of cards.

Allie said...

Susan that is gorgeous - I LOVE the flowers!! The addition of the button is perfect. You captured the feel of the cards wonderfully!

And I hope you're not that happy doing laundry, that lady looks like she's been inhaling laundry powder....

Karen M said...

Susan, this piece is SO wonderful. I love to see how you use these old treasures that come into your life.

And I'm not sure it was laundry powder she was inhaling. Perhaps the containers got mixed-up.

luanne said...

Beautiful! I always love your "hand" pieces. That bias cuff with the vintage button is perfect.

When I saw how you did the flowers, leaving black space between each floral element except where they join the central image, it made me wonder, are such design decisions planned or spontaneous? And the flowers do convey the vintage feeling.

Your stitching skills just amaze me. Please share the final framed version when you get there, I'm curious to see which cards you'll choose!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, everyone! LuAnne, basically all of my design decisions are made "on the fly" -- I knew I wanted that black & floral look so popular at the time and I decided letting the black show between would enhance that effect. And bleeding things off borders or under other elements is just about my favorite design trick of all.

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