It's Monday, and --

Mother Nature has finally 
come to the party . . . 

But now I'm going to have to 
sew like lightning!

This piece has to be finished by the end of the week in order for me to stay on schedule.  With the face stitched (whew!), hopefully the rest will come together easily.

The plan is to have 8 new pieces for Baltimore, and I haven't given up on the plan yet.  But that's only worrying about step one, the sewing . . . there's also going to be the little matter of  framing 8 pieces!

All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem
brings us face to face with another problem.

-- Martin Luther King Jr. 

Luckily, it's only Martin Luther King day and not Valentine's day, so I've still got plenty of time for blissful denial.  So now it's back to work . . .

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance 
and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.

-- Martin Luther King Jr.

I realize I'm not necessarily "uplifting humanity" -- even though my work looms large in my own little life -- still, I do hope I can make someone else happy using my hands and the power of creative thinking. 

But  it's important to pause now and then and remember people 
who've done TRULY important work in the world:

M. L. King, Ulysses Davis, n.d.

Thanks, Dr. King, for your work and your words, from which we continue to benefit and for which we remain grateful . . . but also mindful of the importance of continuing down your enlightened path.

Peace in the Valley, O.W. "Pappy" Kitchens, 1977

We must use time creatively.
 -- Martin Luther King Jr.

Have a make-something-meaningful Monday.



Leenie said...

Her face stichery looks great! I like the little beauty spot by her eye and the coil of her hair. I hope her excellence was not too painstaking.

Best wishes for good progress on the other show projects.

Thank goodness is right. We have tulips to look forward to. If we can just hang on for a few more weeks, okay, months. I

Karen S said...

What a nice post for MLK day -- I love those quotations. And her face.

I just read the previous two posts (yeah, I'm a little behind lately -- now if I only had a little behind...) ROFL -- "January wife" !!!! I was blessed (cursed) with a skinny hubby, I've had the same thoughts. Hmmmm....

(my word for verification is "exess" -- is this a mistake?)

susan m hinckley said...

The "word verification gods" often have a sense of humor, I've noticed, Karen! If it makes you feel better, I've eaten 2 pieces of lemon pound cake behind my husband's back today just because I'm feeling particularly "January-ish" and his continued weight loss success only seems to makes me feel grumpier (and hungrier). . .

Allie said...

Wonderful Susan - I KNEW you'd get her face perfectly! She's gorgeous!

luanne said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest as it develops. Good luck keeping to your timetable.

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