F-f-f-f-frozen . . . F-f-f-f-friday . . . .

So today I wouldn't be a true Minnesotan 
if I didn't say SOMETHING about the weather. 

After all, the weather people have been blab blab blabbing about it all day. 

International Falls, MN gets a chance to be a celebrity
about once a year, and I think we owe the people
who have the . . . whatever . . . to live there
the recognition they deserve.

A flat temperature of minus 46?!  



My husband, for the record, is at a Boy Scout Winter Overnight (I thought something that dumb deserved a proper title, so I added caps).  Even though I've had a feminist bent for virtually my entire life, this is yet another illustration of why I never felt I should fight to get girls admitted to the Boy Scouts.

During a phone chat the other day, Hannah told me it was in the 40's in Virginia (where she had just returned from a lovely outdoor run) and we immediately figured out that it was 50 degrees warmer where she was than where I was.  And we're not even very good at math.

If it's minus 46, btw, and you want to heat your house to 70 degrees, your furnace just about needs to turn on its broiler element because it has to warm your house up by 116 degrees.

That's a lot of hot air.

And so is this, I know.  Just couldn't let the day go by without marking it.  It's Minnesota's celebrity day.  Only no one criticizes what we wear, and there's no red carpet because if there were, it would be buried.

Snowman out.



Leenie said...

Caribbean Sea Salt for your wounds...80 degrees and breezy here. Don't worry be happy. Really wish you were here.

Holly said...

I spent a few minutes (maybe an hour) reading your blog and so this comment is for many posts, not just this one. I love your art and your writing! I feel sad that we have been in the same ward for 2 1/2 years and I am only just barely getting to know you. And I love vintage illustrations too. You blog is so funny and inspiring. Makes me wonder why people would even read my blog because it's fairly boring. Dan is on the same trip with your husband. Even though they will be inside most of the time, it's crazy to even go anywhere when it's this freezing cold.

susan m hinckley said...

Seriously. Leenie. Talk about a LOAD of sea salt. I really wish I were there, too. REALLY. But I'm glad you're there. Hope it's wonderful!

Holly -- so glad you dropped by the blog! I'm sending warm thoughts their way (Russ just called to tell me they're nice ad warm) and I'm glad you and I are both smart enough to be indoors doing something fun like reading blogs. Cheers!

Rayela Art said...

All goes to reinforce why I am not there anymore. I WAS born there, then my parents, BOTH from there (farm kids from Harmony and Minneota), ran off to Brazil, taking me with them. But, I thought I should understand my "roots" so I went to St. Olaf (know of it?). I survived! Woo hoo! Many of day NPR would say, "Yes, it is colder here in Northfield, once again, than in Anchorage, Alaska".... BRRRRR is right!

There is something to the hardiness that comes from this though. My relatives are tough people with big knuckles and they know how to laugh from the belly. Good people!

luanne said...

After 5 years in PHX, I can hardly fathom what -10 would even feel like, much less -42! How can you stand it? But once upon a time, I endured many Chicagoland winters, though I hated them, all bundled up in my down (strait)jacket. Such claustrophobic weather!

So props to you for your Minnesotan fortitude, and for having the good feminist sense not to challenge those wacky boy scouts way back when!

Sounds like a great excuse to hunker down and stitch to your heart's delight.

Allie said...

Yup - saw that on the news tonight and started shivering! I feel sorry for folks who have livestock, they HAVE to go out in it!

susan m hinckley said...

Livestock OR Cooper, Allie . . . I've already been to the dog park this morning! Foolishness.

Amelia Poll said...

I like the car commercial that talks about the fact that they test their cars in Baudette (sp?) MN, and that if your winters are rougher than that, then you don't need a new car, you need a new place to live. It cracks me up, and makes me think of you at the same time.

Glad you stayed inside, nice and warm! It was only 16 degrees here this morning, but we had to venture out for stake choir practice...

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