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If you've spent much time around Small Works, 
you may remember that I'm technologically challenged.  
Basically, that means that anything invented after about 1950 hates me.

But I'm pleased to report that, after no fewer than 7 attempts, we finally managed to get cable TV in our house yesterday!  What's so hard about getting cable, you may ask?  That's what we wondered.

But scarier than switching from dish to cable was letting them also switch our internet service.  It took us quite awhile to get any kind of truly functional internet in this house, and when something ain't broke, it's hard to want to fix it.  So yesterday was spent (almost 7 hours!) with the installers sweating and muttering as they crawled over every inch of the house while I held my breath.

And this morning . . . my internet worked!  I'm truly humbled and grateful.  

(Of course, the best thing that could probably happen to me would be for my internet to go on the blink for a few weeks to boost my productivity, but thank goodness my procrastinating habits are safe for another day.)

I wish I could get that 
team of cable wizards 
to take a peek 
inside my head 
and do a little tweaking.  

I'm having a terrible time finishing the piece I'm working on!  Sometimes it feels like my decider is broken, but with this piece it just feels like my whole creator is broken. 

Nothing looks right somehow --

Ideas that seemed to be inspired at the outset are turning out to be less wonderful than I hoped.
I suppose that my normal "Fall Fog" has settled in nice and thick and right on schedule, even though we're enjoying the sunniest and most beautiful October on record.  So I think I'm just going to have to call it finished and move on.

I'm trying all my normal fall coping skills -- 
but if two pans of apple crisp haven't helped, should I really press on with a third?  

I've also been indulging in my favorite medicinal caramel apples on a regular basis.  In fact, I bought two this morning.  I cut into the first one -- rotten on the inside.  Not to be deterred by such a small setback, I cut into the second one -- it was bad inside too!  

Was there an intended message?  Who knows. 

But I'm happy to report that 
the rottenness of the apple in no way
affects the delicious integrity of the caramel.  

Yeah, I ate the caramel off. 

Go ahead and judge me.  It's fall. 
And I'm trying to finish a really finicky piece.  

We all do what 
we have to do to survive.




Allie said...

Agreeing with you on the most beautiful October - everything is just glowing around here in a golden sun. Sorry the creativity isn't glowing too - it happens! Persevere, and try some more apples.

Karen S said...

I was created after 1950 and I don't hate you -- of course I do share your, um, difficulty with technology.

Skip the apple crisps and move on to chocolate. And I would have eaten the caramel too -- in fact, I probably would have eaten just that anyway.

Just think about how amazing it is that we're able to do this -- would you have imagined it ten years ago?

Leenie said...

What would we DO without the internet? How did we EVER find enough things to help us procrastinate away the yucchys?

Glad your technical difficulties only lasted a short while. And you're right about needing techy wizards who could tweak the scrambled mess in our heads.

Pam said...

I'm always whining "it hates me, it hates me" to anything that comes under the heading of technical hiccups. "Don't be ridiculous" scoffs husband as said items purrs back from malfunction under my fumbling, to perfect working order for him. Everything from computers, washing machines, and the latest, my camera.
"But I've DONE that" I say. So frustrating!!!
Can't believe that people actually fiddle around with complicated things for their work, and what's more enjoy it! Thumbs up to your techies!

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