Monday means . . . The Small Works Weekend Report!


That's the kind of weekend it was.  Among other things, we attended a party that was so lovely it made me realize that I've never actually given a party.  Martha Stewart is still wondering what happened to her invitation.  Someday, perhaps I'll be able to not only spell hors d'oeuvre, but actually make one that looks as beautiful or tastes as good as the ones I consumed by the plateful . . . but probably not.

Entertaining at my house is usually some two liter bottles of soda on the counter next to a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  I only wish I'd had a camera so you could have enjoyed it with me.

I also wish I could have put you in my pocket when I attended 

Junk Bonanza.  

It was my second year and it has already become a beloved September tradition.  

The best kind! I was delighted to see my favorite vendor there once again, her booth chock full of the ephemera I dream of the other 364 days of the year.

She literally had 



In addition to the types above, 
I also got a bunch of wonderful flash cards with pictures on them:


And some awesome author cards, which will come in handy if I ever get around to making the literary-themed pieces I daydream about frequently:

And I scored a hefty pile of vocabulary cards,

so I can continue with my vocabulary series, my favorite work of the past year.

And some bizarre cards from an old game of unknown origin, just because I liked them.  

(I picked up this one because it reminded me of her)

I also picked up some great buttons, my favorites of which were these turquoise beauties:

And then she packed up my purchases 
in these darling popcorn bags
-- be still my heart!

Jealous yet?!  You should be.  I'm even jealous of myself.  It's almost enough pleasure to make Monday morning with laundry and Monday night with Jillian bearable.

Even a rainy Monday that was supposed to be warm and beautiful but most decidedly is not.

I said almost.

(If anyone wants me, I'll be in the studio playing with my new toys!)



Karen S said...

What a fun time and what cool stuff.

Just so you know -- I can be entertained with chocolate chip cookies anytime.

susan m hinckley said...

Come on over!

Sloane's Creations said...

Yes, jealous..;o)

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