Sorry I missed our regular Friday date, 
Dear Readers,
it's just that I was quite busy. . . 

 And no, I wasn't busy 
hanging around Facebook.  

I can't believe 
you'd even THINK that!

In fact, if you think you saw me lurking there it was probably someone who's stolen my password and is determined to log on as me and cause trouble for me.  Well . . . it could happen!)

Actually, here in Hinckleyville we're putting the 
"labor" in "labor day"

with a massive painting project.  We have a long list of things
that need to be done around here and the clock is ticking.

Actually, we're already too late because we had our first shivery day yesterday!  (If my furnace were turned on, it would have kicked on last night.  Do I sound cheery?)

So while the rest of you are out 
finishing up your summer fun, 


will one of you please roast a hot dog for me 
or eat a deep-friend candy bar at the state fair?

thank you.

(And Happy Labor Day Weekend!)


1 comment:

Allie said...

It's shivery here today too, Susan, I've only got one window open [much to my family's dismay - they don't have hot flashes - one guess whose window it is] and we're all wearing hoodies. Hope you get your projects done! Have a great weekend.

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