Friday already?  This particular Friday already?  
It must mean it's time to load up the ol' truck 
and head out to San Francisco for some fun.  

We figure that with just about 33 hours of driving and a little luck, we'll be there in plenty of time to get set up, eat some great Chinese food, greet my parents (who are so kindly coming!) and appear perfectly calm and relaxed when the doors open and I turn my work loose on the west coast for our maiden voyage.

Of course, this being an ACC Show, 

we have to haul the booth AND the work, 

which means we'll be driving the truck.  

It's just a little . . . how shall I say it . . . UNCOMFORTABLE. 
What seemed like a great deal at the time (because it is so stripped down) seems like a bit of a mistake (because it is so stripped down) after you've been in it for more than about 20 minutes.

But we invested in some extra bum cushions and a lovely car stereo for this trip,
which can't help but improve things, right?

In fact, I'm predicting 
that the drive is going 
to be easy-as-pie.

Wanna' see who's going along with me?  
(Besides my trusty booth hand, of course) 

 Well, first I suppose I should show you who's NOT going with me:

As much as I ADORE this little 3-D lady,  and as much as she is simply DYING to share her opinions with anyone who will listen, I encountered framing difficulties in the construction of an appropriate "environment" for her, so while I go back to the drawing board, she's going back on my bookshelf to wait for a future show.  (But isn't she fun?)

Now back to who IS invited to the party:

Career Option No. 24, Susan M. Hinckley, 2010

First up is "Career Option No. 24", sporting a simply marvelous old flashcard (that I paid a bundle for but had to have!) and a delightful starry frame.  His mustache is just terrific and so are the turquoise stones in the border -- it's a piece that would someday look GREAT in my Santa Fe house, if he decides to hang around permanently.  And let's hope he doesn't.

The other new face in the booth 
belongs to this little lady:

Mood Music, Susan M. Hinckley, 2010

I'm unexpectedly delighted at how well "Mood Music" turned out.  Every time I look at it, it makes me smile.  I love the ruffly green border and her tentative expression, as well as the little birdie who's singing his yellow heart out upstairs.  A bit of a self portrait, I suppose.  Maybe that's why I've grown so attached.

If you're going to be in San Francisco August 13-15, please stop by the show (booth #111) and say "hello" in person.  I'd love to meet you and introduce you to my friends!

If not, I'll eat a fortune cookie for you (or six) and then
Small Works will return August 24 with a Show Report 
full of the goofy antics of west coast craft appreciators. 

(I suspect I'll also have a serious need to stretch my legs after the long drive . . .)

"Open up that Golden Gate . . .
California, Here I come!"



luanne said...

Love your new pieces! How can you bear to part with them? And I'm especially intrigued by the little lady who has to stay home this time -- and hmmm, the whole notion of freestanding busts of your beautifully stitched characters...

Have a fun trip and take lots of photos. SFO should be beautiful this time of year. Hope it's a great show. Wish you could blog from the road, we'll miss you!

Leenie said...

I'm seeing in my head The Beverley Hillbillies rolling into California in their truck, "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars." Hehe.

San Francisco won't know what hit 'em. Best wishes for a very successful show. Wish I could come. Tell 3D Lady not to wreck the house with her parties while you are gone.

Chelsea said...

i love 3D gal. she is my most favorite and one day I would like a life-size one to scare my children into behaving themselves when we have guests.

and i didn't know that horse bum had such a fantastic card!! i want that one.

have an amazing time! and stop every few hours to keep your bums from falling off!

Allie said...

I ADORE your 3D lady - oh my gosh she's priceless - and your new work is so awesome! Have a great time and a safe and comfortable ride, and sell lots of art!

Amelia and Justin said...

Your 3-D woman turned out amazing!! I absolutely LOVE her!

Good luck in San Francisco. I hope the show goes wonderfully, and that the drive isn't too uncomfortable :)

Lazarus Lupin said...

wow incredible pieces. I love how fresh and fun they look!

Lazarus Lupin
Art and review

Pam said...

Everything you have featured here is so exciting and intruiging! Have a great trip. Looking forward to your news and photos. How I would love to be there!

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