Magpie Monday returns.



I want to make you my home --

slip in, unnoticed perhaps

drop my keys in a silvery announcement

and fall across your sofa

a wide lap of welcome

my shoes can stay at the door

unneeded forever, bare

feet padding softly through your rooms

we'll let the ivy curl wildly

up over our windows

dappling the view, keeping our secret

safe, this place I've seen

somewhere before, familiar

and only waiting for me to arrive


So nice to be 
back in the saddle!

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Sarah said...

I'd sure love to make that place my home, too! Nice!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. hope you find it...sounds like you are already comfortable there...nice mag!

kathew said...

lovely words

Tumblewords: said...

An absolute delight - glad I didn't miss this one!!

Allie said...

That was just lovely, Susan, beautiful poetry!

signed...bkm said...

lovely take on this prompt...may you always find peace in your new home here...I think you already have...bkm

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, all -- Actually I intended this as a love poem when I wrote it, not about the house at all (although the house image inspired it of course). . . I wonder if it would read that way if it weren't presented with the picture?

~T~ said...

Oh, so comforting! Beautiful poem.

willow said...

You know, the ivy really is curling wildly over the front windows at WM. Every fall, we have to cut them out!

Berowne said...

Nicely done...

Selma said...

Aaah. To have such a house waiting. A wondrous thought indeed.

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