Magpie Monday Redux.

Summer Love

perfectly ripe, round

and ready to be plucked

it will be every bit as delicious

as this anticipation

from the first kiss

to the fleshy bite--

juice running, thick with seeds

lusty with scent and hungry

to lick up spice and sun

together we'll burst

tomatoes stewing in a pot

skins split, red

simmering and sweet


My tomatoes 
aren't ripe yet, 
so I'll just 
hop on over to  
for my summertime 
flavor fix. 

Hope you'll do the same . . . and

Happy Monday!


Allie said...

Dang - now I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

delicious magpie!

Amelia and Justin said...

So you've got your "Happy Thoughts" you write on a daily basis, you work on your craft on a daily basis, and now you are writing Magpies about once a week. I'd say your creative muscle is getting a nice, healthy work out.

Love it! (And I'm even started to enjoy tomatoes, so I can appreciate your magpie)

susan m hinckley said...

WHAT?! A Cannon girl who eats tomatoes? Has the world gone mad? Or is it just a bit of pregnancy madness?

(And some of us are just trying to keep up with the creative output of people like you!)

signed...bkm said...

Very nice...the splitting of skins - stewed tomatoes..I use them for everything....bkm

brenda w said...

Cookin' 'em up is the best way to serve tomatoes, imho. Tasty Magpie!

Lisa said...

deliciously delectable and well done! :) Rather enjoyed it.

Tumblewords: said...

Deliciously delightful!

Helen said...

Beautifully written with just the right amount of sass and sauce!

Brian Miller said...

nice. you were able to pul from various aspects of tomatoes and paint and intriguing and somewhat saucy tale. nice magpie.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

ahh tomatoes,, about another week for us until our little sun golds are ready.

willow said...

This gave me a wonderful craving for fresh tomato soup!

RA said...

Yummmm! I'm off to my fridge to get one red, ripe tomato.... LOL

Jingle said...

summer love =tomatoes,
hot and cool!

christine said...

Yes definitely a tomato kissed is a tomato tasted to the full.
Nice Magpie

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