If it's Tuesday, it's PAST time . . .

 Has anyone heard from Susan?


 No?!  Well, she's probably either: 
a) at the dentist
b) at the endodontist
c) at the endodontist again
d) making an appointment to come back 
for another appointment since she prefers her dental work 
to be as SLOW and DIFFICULT as possible
e) creating art (in her spare time)

My preferred answer would, of course, be (e), but when an "all of the above" option is given, it's probably best to go with that.

So I suppose we'll have to peruse the archives for something worthwhile today in hopes that Susan comes up with an idea that doesn't involve dentistry or any related field for her next post.
Hmmm . . . Here's something:


Tuesday's Itty Bitty Food for Thought: 

Take a commonplace, clean and polish it, light it so that it produces the same effect of youth and freshness and spontaneity as it did originally, and you have done a poet's job.
-Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) French writer/filmmaker

It doesn't have to be a spectacular idea, but you should follow at least one 
notion every day to see where it leads.


Could be just a train of thought 
bound for an unfamiliar destination,


a doodle destined only 
to be hidden under the paperweight on your desk,


or a seed from a packet bearing 
no particular picture or description.

I -- If

D -- Denied

E -- Eventually

A -- Atrophy

S -- Strikes

Flip the switch and allow your brain 
to shine a little every day.


(It was a good idea the first time, and it's still golden!)

(even if you just read it for the second time. . .)


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