Thursday's Terrific Tidbit Number Four.

If you're a blacksmith and you live in Santa Fe, 

Tom Joyce Portrait, from Hand & Home, The Homes of American Craftsmen

you get to have a living room that looks like Tom Joyce's in which you make things like the chandelier. (Not to mention an incredibly cool forge on your property where you go to work every day!)

But more importantly, you get to have things like handrails on your stairs that look like this:

Now THAT'S cool, and it definitely didn't come from Home Depot.  We talk about doing wonderful things to our house all the time (although they never materialize) but I really wish I had the skills to transform my house with my own hands.

Is that it?!
Was that really today's Terrific Tidbit?

(It wasn't?  Good.)

What's this?


Now that IS a terrific tidbit! 

I'm a really fast packer.  When do we leave?

At about 3:00 this afternoon? . . . . THIS AFTERNOON??

Okay, kids, looks like I'm going on a little birthday trip.
(Gotta' get a green chile fix -- fortification for surviving another candle on my cake!)

Small Works will return just in time 
to celebrate my actual birthday on Tuesday,

so please have cake ready 
(and feed Cooper while we're gone.)  

Wish I could take you all,
but it costs an awful lot 
to check a bag these days, so . . . .

Gotta fly!

(please visit Small Works Happy Thought while I'm gone -- no vacations allowed!)


luanne said...

A surprise trip to Santa Fe? Wow, that's a great birthday treat! Have a great time & enjoy some guac for me.

Allie said...

Dang you have GREAT birthdays - who do I complain to? Have a stupendous time!!!!!

Amelia and Justin said...

I think you should take a surprise trip to Phoenix in July :) (I know, Phoenix in July does not sound appetizing to me, either...)

Have fun! And have a very wonderful birthday celebration!!

abi said...

How fun!! Eat some guacamole for me, really I would even give you mine. Happy early Birthday!

Helen said...

From MN to NM ... sounds like perfect reverse order!!!!

Karen S said...

Happy Birthday! The food and the blacksmith both look great...hope your trip was wonderful!

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