Happy Earth (Fri)Day!

Yes, I know I'm posting this on Earth Day + one, but I wasn't quite ready on the actual day.  And anyway, every day should be earth day, shouldn't it?

Mary Engelbreit was a huge influence on my early work, so I like to invite her for a visit now and then.

If you're a loyal friend and true, you may remember that I got invited to participate in the Landfill Art Project awhile back and hoped to be able to unveil my creation on Earth Day.

Well . . . I can at least unveil my hubcap:

Unfortunately, it's still wearing a coat of black gesso.   


The important part is finished, and that's the part that will fit in the recessed circle in the middle, and I almost made it in time for Earth Day! 

Now all I have to do is paint the "frame" and my little addition to the show will be on its way.  It's just wonderful to think of 1000+ hubcaps hanging on walls instead of languishing in landfills, isn't it?  

Just a teeny tiny contribution to help
decrease the bad clutter in the world 
and increase the good!

Some day I hope to see the entire exhibit.  What could be more fun than giving 1000 artists the same unconventional canvas and seeing what they do with it?

I also composed a little poem in honor of the day, because Minnesota is such a glorious place this week that we can hardly stand it (and it's so rarely that we get those bragging rights!)

It's been a writing week for some reason -- three essays and one poem, plus Happy Thoughts!  But it's getting exhausting running from the shower or the bed to the desk to jot things down.  I guess I'd better start carrying a little notebook,

since the word-tap
seems to be stuck
in the "on" position.


spring poem day

a dancing kite of song

on a string, sent up

to see whether it will fly

it bucks and dives,

skimming blossom tops

of trees, blue sky

and new green, weaving

fragrance and breeze

with sunlight --

there are few such

kite days,

even in a year

of poetry.

Happy (Earth)Weekend!


april said...

love it. where will the final display be?

Judy said...

I love your poem. By the way, I've hung on to one you wrote for a Christmas card one year. I also still have a Mary Engelbreit poster hanging in my home that you gave me (early 1980s?). It says "Books fall open, you fall in." Do you remember it? See how you've enriched my life?

susan m hinckley said...

Actually, Judy, you're the one who introduced me to Mary Engelbreit, whether you remember it or not -- you had one of her early calenders, which is why I gave you the poster, so! That means it's you that's responsible for my Mary connection, and therefore a whole lot of my art! Okay, I may have discovered her myself later, but you never know.

I'm flattered that the consummate English professional would hang on to one of my poems. Humbled, really. Seriously. Thanks.

Chelsea said...

"blossom tops"

enough said.

Karen S said...

"Word-tap" stuck in the "on" position?!!! Tee hee.

Wisconsin is nice now too...

Allie said...

SUSAN. I love your hubcap - and I would pay dearly to see the whole project! I'm a huge ME fan too, I have every issue of Home Companion and get totally lost in her art.

I love your word-tap - and your poem! Sums up spring PERFECTLY.

Pam said...

What a great idea the hubcap decoration is! Yours looks fantastic, and I love your poem. Looks like your word tap is on full blast!

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