Out like an entire flock of lambs.

small changes
subtle as dripping water
inch forward . . .
magic March.

Much is said about "March Madness," but I don't hear a lot about March Magic, which is infinitely more exciting for some of us.

It's the fleetingness of early spring that makes it so extra-delicious.  Soon enough we'll stop noticing the tiniest bump on every branch, eager to mark any progress that may have occurred since we last checked.

There are only a few such days per year, perched high atop the hill at the start of the summer roller coaster -- a vantage point from which we can survey the entire park and revel in the thought that we will stay until closing, eating nothing but treats and riding our favorites again and again.   

This being Minnesota, we'll probably see snow once more.  Because April is the cruelest month.

But that's okay.
Seventy degrees will never feel like such a gift as it does today.

Ask the birds -- 
they're all talking about it.


Amelia and Justin said...

I've had a complete and total new appreciation for Spring living here. It is Magical. I think it is just that I have been without the kind of Spring I was accoustomed to for 5 years, that now I can more fully appreciate how beautiful and amazing Spring (and March) is.

Allie said...

Oh yes - today was totally magical. And tomorrow and the next day...but next week? I'll need to cling to the memory of this week!

susan m hinckley said...

Same here, Allie, but I feel like mother nature can do her worst now and it's okay because my faith in the universe has been restored . . . the world is going to come back to life!

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