Happy Thought . . . in addition to the thought that "It's Friday!" . . . which is indeed happy.

I've always loved Robert Lewis Stevenson's little verse:

Ethel Franklin Betts

The world IS so full of things, and many of them are just grand.
(despite the din being made in Washington and elsewhere)

The world can feel especially wonderful on a sunny Minnesota day in March.  We're about to wind up the first March IN HISTORY with no snow.  March is usually our 2nd snowiest month, and we won't have seen a single flake.  Which is a little scary from a climate change perspective, but just wonderful from a having-to-walk-the-dog perspective.

The red-wing blackbirds are back in town 
and trilling from every treetop, 

and on such an early spring day it feels just like a song to be alive.

It somehow helps you notice the good things.

Which reminds me -- we received something mysterious in our mailbox this week.  It came in a plain white envelope, sealed but completely unmarked, and was tucked amongst our mail and newspaper when I brought them in.

Inside the card was this handwritten note:

I have no idea who it came from, nor even for whom it was intended.  But it was a nice reminder that there are good surprises in the world, along with the bad ones that often get so much more attention. 

Did Oprah issue a mysterious note writing challenge to do-gooders everywhere?

Did someone mistake our mailbox for our neighbor's?

Did one of us possibly actually do something to warrant such a kindness from an anonymous friend?

I don't think we'll ever know.  But it was a little like getting a fortune cookie in the mail, and you know how I love fortune cookies!  (Now if I could just get someone to leave orange chicken and veggie lo-mein in the mailbox . . . )

In response to my quote extravaganza on Wednesday, I received a quote from my niece which she credits to her smart (smart-aleck, actually, and it takes one to know one!) husband which I just loved:

"The world is full of stupid people.  
Try not to be one of them."

Words to live by!  

But what I didn't expect is the tremendous wave of ideas that swept over me in the shower after I had read those words.

Don't ask me why, but for some reason the construction of that sentiment got me thinking and I haven't been able to stop since.
So I've done the only thing I could possibly do when faced with something that truly tickled my fancy, and that is

Yes, Small Works is opening a satellite location here, which will be home to a daily "Happy Thought" with an accompanying illustration.

One fiber artist.  One happy idea.  
Once daily.  For one year.

What a wonderful creative exercise it will be for me!
And yet another opportunity to combine words and images, the act that feeds my soul just like sunshine.

I hope you'll come over and check out my new project (there's a new link on the sidebar, and the address is theworldissofull.blogspot.com.) You don't have to stay long -- that's the point!

Daily happiness in an itty-blog-bit format that I can't wait to embrace. 

See you there!

(weekends too . . . and have a good one.)


Allie said...

I like it - I'm there!

luanne said...

We should all take a cue from you and make a conscious daily effort to inject positive thought-energy into our universe.

We could use an epidemic of goodwill right now!

Great idea.

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, LuAnne -- I think it's going to be really therapeutic for me, and I hope others can benefit from it, too.

If anyone out there has ideas for daily entries, send them along to me and I'll illustrate them and put them up on the blog!

april said...

love your red-wing blackbird on yellow. love your new blog. love the turquoise cabinets. love, love, love your politics meets folk arts post. posted a link to that on my facebook account. hope you are well. glad someone took time out to thank you for being you. if i lived closer, i'd be stuffing some veggie lo-mein in your mailbox.

april said...

p.s. hope you haven't found any black hair on your tongue!

VO said...

<3 the new blog.

Magic mailboxes: Love that you got an anon message, how fun is that?

An aside on Magic Mailboxes: About 6 months ago a friend of mine would fill my mailbox with Italian food every Thurs. A local restaurant donated food to the HS football team and any leftovers were split between her house and my house. Lovely to get a full meal (with freshly baked bread too) every Thur for 6 wks. It was truly a magic mailbox and truly a good friend who took the time to do it.

susan m hinckley said...

Hi, April! Hi, VO! So nice to see old friends in the neighborhood!

I love the idea of a magic mailbox . . . something to think about.

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