EEEEEKKKKK!!!! It's almost Friday?

Yes, I'm sorry it's been a neglected blog week -- I've been busy with a big painting project in what will soon be my new studio space.  I've been changing the cabinets from a nasty brown-red glopped with dark stain to an eye-popping

(okay, it's actually a little eye-searing -- not EXACTLY the color I thought I picked)

TURQUOISE which will be so cheerful I can hardly stand it.

It's an awful lot of cheer in that enclosed space, but I can only imagine it will do me a world of good some gloomy November afternoon when I'm trying to grab an elusive creative thought.  Anyway, pictures to follow when the project is finished .  .  . but for now, something completely different:

My sister-in-law had an idea on her blog the other day that I thought was brilliant.

She said that next time she's expecting, she's going to get a shirt that says:

"I'm so crafty, I make people."

She could probably sell about a million of those shirts, so I hope she'll make them.

But the idea got me thinking about making things (including people) and I could only conclude that making people is a lot easier than making art . . .  in some ways.

All I had to do was toss my cookies a few times, eat some extra food, sleep a lot and gain about 45 pounds and the "making" part of people seemed to take care of itself.  (Of course, all of us who have children know that it's the 20 years of work after they're born that bites you. . . )

As with art, some folks are naturally better at making people than others.

George Clooney's parents, for instance, are probably quite pleased with themselves. 

And some people seem to have a knack for getting "more bang for their buck", so to speak.

The Dionne Quintuplets

But I had to pop mine out one at a time.

That's why it seemed so positively delightful to me when I received a picture the other day from LuAnne over at Invisible Woman (thanks, LuAnne!) showing me how she had framed one of my printed pieces.

She may have one of my pieces hanging in her house right now.  
And all I had to do is press "print" . . . sinfully easy!  

Not quite as good as the real thing, of course, but then I didn't have to throw up or go through labor and delivery to get it to her, and sometimes making the real thing seems about that hard to me.  

(Well, not quite THAT hard because I can enjoy the Price is Right, Bonanza and a 32 oz. Diet Coke while I'm doing it, none of which was allowed in the hospital delivery room.  But still hard.)

I guess sometimes technology is my friend after all!
(when it's behaving, which come to think of it is also eerily similar to children . . . But in my experience, for the most part my children have been much more well-behaved than my technology.)

Oh well, in this case at least, everything turned out well and I'm feeling just about as pleased as . . . as . . . . well I guess I'm just about as pleased as George Clooney's mother! 

(except that instead of George I came up with a polka-dot chicken.  We all have different talents.)


Allie said...

I love it! And I agree - children are MUCH easier than technology. Children can usually be BRIBED.

susan m hinckley said...

I find that my children can be bribed into compliance but refuse to be bullied into it.

Unfortunately, neither tactic seems to work with my technology!

Amelia and Justin said...

If she decides to make those shirts, I want one!

This put a smile on my face. What a great post to start my day :)

luanne said...

Can't wait to see these turquoise cabinets you've been working on.

I framed Skywindow & will put it & Chicken on my blog later this week. Love them both!

And we all know you're just trying to boost your google stats by working that photo of George Clooney into this post! (He's better looking than old vintage bras any day.)

susan m hinckley said...

My husband happened to come in the room when George had just come up on the blog and he was quite taken aback, I think . . . maybe now he'll start reading it from time to time!

It's okay to have some eye candy of a different sort in the diet now and then, don't you think?

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