"It's such a good . . . feeling . . . to know you're alive -- It's such a happy feeling, you're growing inside . . . And when you wake up ready to say, 'I think I'll grow 12 inches today!' . . . "

From time to time, one senses 
that the current generation may have passed one by. 

Exhibit A:  My new computer monitor.  

Enormous and lovely, with such color as my old monitor could only dream of.

In fact, some of the grief I've been giving my photographer lately about my slides . . . well (gulp*) . . . sorry, Rik.  The new monitor has solved the washed out colors.

But the BIGNESS of the thing! Chelsea kindly (and patiently) explained to me that I could be working on three things in different windows while watching a Scrubs episode at the same time ("That's the point, Mom"). But what if it requires every bit of concentration I can muster just to accomplish the one task in the one window I'm working on?

I'm sure I'll get used to it in time
(in fact . . . don't even THINK about trying to take it away from me!)

It certainly explains a lot about the 4 year olds I've been working with at church this year. 

I'm sure every one of them could juggle Dora, Sesame Street, and three video games on this thing at once while simultaneously eating a peanut butter sandwich.

Remember the brouhaha when Sesame Street came out because it was so loud and fast-paced and overstimulating?

Yeah, that was my generation.
More of a "Mister Rogers" world, I'm afraid.

I'm just going to zip up my cardigan and spend a little more time fiddling around on this gorgeous gadget . . . 

(an excuse to spend MORE time on the computer?

I'm not sure how Santa will feel about that . . .)


luanne said...

Congrats on making friends with your new computer! How big is your new monitor anyway? The widescreen/proportion thing was a big adjustment for me, but I'm getting used to it now.

And how goes the path to your new studio?

susan m hinckley said...

It's 20", so it could be bigger, but I can't imagine why I'd want it to be. I guess if you're going to spend a lot of time watching TV on your computer it might be worth it. But sitting at my desk is about the last place I want to watch movies.

Yes, the widescreen thing is making me a little batty, but I'll adjust. As I've said before, change and I are not usually immediate chums.

The squatters living downstairs will move into their new digs on Jan. 30, so I'm going to begin to move things sometime after that. The whole thought makes me tired. I've only done two major studio overhauls in my life, and while the "after" was great, the job itself was definitely "ick".

I am taking a trip to St. George the first week of February . . . maybe that will give me an excuse to put it off?!

Allie said...

LOL! I love a bigger monitor - but then, I have trouble seeing, especially first thing in the morning while checking emails. And yes, I do remember the controversy over Sesame Street...sigh.

Amelia and Justin said...

Justin wants a new widescreen, big screen monitor...I still don't know how I feel about it. I think it is too excessive - so I must be part of the Mr. Rogers generation as well ;o)

I'm sure you'll get used to it (just like I'll get used to it when it happens), and you'll question how you ever did without it! :)

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