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End-of-the-Holidays Blues

I've never been fond of New Year's, although in this picture at least I was wearing a party hat (and a really swell outfit, if I do say so myself.)

Susan and Joanna, New Year's Eve 1970

But usually I feel like somewhat of a loser with no big invitations and too many new pounds to fit in my little black dress if somebody should happen to call.

And in Minnesota, there's not a whole lot to look forward to between now and April. Let's be honest.

That could be why
many Minnesotans tend
to leave their Christmas lights
up until March.

Because it can be pretty hard to find
a day before Easter
when you want to go outside
and take them down.

But let's look on the bright side:

We get to make resolutions!

We get to think of all the things
we should do to improve ourselves!

We get to wonder why we didn't just follow through
when we resolved the same things last year!

We get to stop doing all the things
we've been enjoying over the past month,
including (but not limited to):

1) Overeating.

2) Overspending.

3) Going to movies on WEEKDAYS!

4) Generally putting things off until January.

In many ways, I'm quite pleased to say goodbye to 2009, the caboose of a decade that has definitely not been my favorite.

But as I was thinking about it this morning, I realized that several really great things have happened in the past decade:

1) I discovered sewing small wool pictures.

2) I discovered New Mexico.

That makes one wonder what kinds of
great discoveries might lie ahead. . .

So I'm challenging you, 2010, to keep surprising me.

Blow my mind.
Leave me breathless.
Poke, prod, and pull me in new directions.

I think I'm ready.

Bring it.


luanne said...

My, you were quite the festive little fashionista, especially love the party hat!

Hope the new year doesn't find you feeling too low. I always like the whole January/fresh start thing, at least until tax forms start arriving.

My pref is almost always to stay home on New Year's Eve, how's that for a true loser? But it just feels cozier to me.

Anyway, hope 2010 brings you much inspiration and delight. And your new studio space, plow-free. Cheers!

VO said...

Happy new year!

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