Just peeking out from under a snowbank with a little announcement . . .

Blizzard warning in Minnesota today,

which makes it a good day to snuggle up with a needle or a book.

One of my favorite books with a needlework theme

contains a passage that says something like this:

"If a woman were to see all the dishes
she would do in her life in a big pile all together,
she'd lie down and die right then and there."

That's a little like how I feel about Christmas ornaments. Not that I don't enjoy making them more than I enjoy doing dishes . . . I've just made A LOT of Christmas ornaments in my time.

I repeat: A LOT.

I guess that's because making Christmas ornaments is one of my all-time favorite things to do, and has been since I was a child.

That's why I've often made an ornament to thank people who purchased large pieces from me during the year, and also why we've started an ornament exchange between myself and my girls and my sister and her daughters. Each of us makes 9 ornaments -- we're only in our second year, but last year was just delightful.

This year will be delightful too,
if I ever get around to starting them . . .

I'm working on a big project this week, but I'm going to tackle the ornaments first thing next week, which is perfectly fine since I've no tree to hang them on yet.

My parents sent a large Christmas box yesterday, and when I emailed my thanks I asked if they would please follow up with a tree and some decorations. We're woefully behind here in Hinckleyville this year. In fact, when I went to purchase some white mini lights yesterday, our local Target was out, out, out!

We may in fact be the
last people in America
without a Christmas tree.

But our lack of decorations definitely belies our enthusiasm for the holiday! And as a manifestation of that enthusiasm, let me be the first to announce:

The Small Works Holiday
Spectacular Giveaway!

And I'm going to be giving away something that should in no way surprise, but should nevertheless entice you:

A Susan M. Hinckley
Holiday Ornament!

(suitable for decking your own halls, or
sharing with a friend who appreciates good cheer
and quality hand-craftsmanship . . .)

All you have to do is leave me a comment,
(or send an email)
and just as soon as Santa drops
his sackful of ornaments down the chimney,
I'll begin the handouts!

I'm going to leave the comments open until one week from today (December 16), and I promise that I've had so much practice making ornaments over the years (practically a professional!) that you shouldn't be disappointed, even though I'm currently unable to post a picture of the prize.

So tell your friends they'd better all be good . . .
and post an entry!

And now, back to the workshop.


Daryl said...

OOOOhhhhh, pick me, pick me! Susan, I love the idea of an ornament exchange, for many years I made handwoven ornaments for the people in my life who made my life and that of my kids, just a little brighter that year. Good luck with the project! And with finding a tree...

whimseycreations said...

Oh goody - I'd love a Susan original! Even if I don't win have a blessed Christmas. Jill

luanne said...

Good luck on your big secret project! Ornament making next week should be fun, but I hope your current project is enjoyable too.

I'm still trying to find time to finish up those little felt birds I got such an early start on. As usual, so much for my good intentions!

Stay warm up there in blizzardland.

Cami said...

Hey friend, glad to hear the show went well. Thanks for the entertaining report. We don't have a tree either and probably won't put one up as we are heading up to Spokane to visit Whitney, Noah and Isabel. My garage also looks like my mom's right now (only I wish it had the GOOD junk in it like hers) so it is impossible to reach the Christmas boxes at the moment. So I was hoping you could e-mail me with a price on the owl conversation piece if it is still available. I love and covet the smallworks owl but . . . need to broaden my Susan collection. LOVED the booth and everything is is amazing. The birds turned out great and YES, definately put the songbirds in the house for the cold winter. May they sing warm songs of spring so you can survive :-) I will try to call you soon, I have some news for you. Take care and happy stitching. Love you, Cami

Crazy for Art said...

I would LOVE a Susan original! Glad your show went well. Loved reading about it! Enjoy your at home time during the blizzard. I can't imagine living where you do. I live in NW Ohio and it can get bad enough here. My daughter was smart. She grew up and moved to Florida!

Julie said...

Send me one of yours and I'll send you one of mine! LOL

I enjoy your blog very much.

Happy Holidays,
Julie In San Diego, CA

Barbara S. said...

What a wonderful idea...to have a handmade ornament exchange. Every year I enjoy taking out the ornaments my daughters made in grade school years ago. Have a lovely Christmas.

Karen said...

A contest, how fun! I'd love to be in!

Judy said...

I still treasure my copy of "Aunt Jane," a gift from you many years ago. And I must admit, I have several Small Works treasures around the house and on the tree. Thank you, thank you!

Cami said...

Oh, Susan. I am going to that show one of these years. Thanks for all the great pictures of your booth. Thanks, too for being so excited for us. ;-) We will be sure to protect your ornament from the four cats. Have a bless-ed Christmas! - Mandi (writing from Cam's account because I can't possibly remember my own info)

VO said...

Bwhahaha, you're so not the last in America to get a tree. We don't have one either.

And I haven't even started on anything Christmas (just did my daughters 18th bday tho).

Stay cozy and warm while the blizzard blitzes around you all.

Jessie said...

Pick me! Pick me! :)

stfrank said...

I'm in! Lovely works at your show would love to see them up close and personal....as in ornament...if you get my snow drift :) Love that you do ornaments, how did I not know that. I too have done them every year - perhaps I can entice you to trade. Good works on small works show. PS hoping to get my tree today if it doesn't snow...yes, they called for snow here in the PNW

stfrank said...

PPS - my word verification was tacketree - what do you suppose that's suppose to mean, perhaps I should wait another day ,:(...oh no, this one is burnible

susan m hinckley said...

Russ just got back from Seattle last night and he said it was pretty cold there -- 9 degrees or something. Unfortunately we're dreaming of 9 degrees today, but I hope you at least get a little snow to go with the cold. I could send you some.

Tacketree and Burnible gave me my first out-loud laugh today!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, today the tree is going up at our house, but will leave room for your ornament. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Randi said...

I just found your marvelous blog. I love it & love your work! Your sense of color is amazing and inspiring for my weaving. Thanks for writing it. :) An ornament possibility is a very happy thought!
Merry Merry!!

Brian said...

I'm logged in as Brian but it is Ann. I want to win, but Lindsay probably should win since it closes on her birthday. But as she is part of the exchange, maybe we will get lucky. I have a little Polish souvenir to send to you.

Anonymous said...

I'd love one!

vrgnamgnta said...

my stitching group used to do ornament exchanges...not sure what happened to that. I promise not to give yours away...

Deb said...

Am I too late? I would love an ornament. I enjoy your blog very much and love your artwork.

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