Joyous voices sweet and clear . . . Sing the sad of heart to cheer!

Last night was my favorite
night of the year.

The two nights before Christmas Eve, we have a tradition here in Hinckleyville that involves both singing and food -- two of my favorite activities!

First, we pile a lot of little treat bags stuffed with our favorite baked goods into a special basket with ribbons and jingle bells on it. Then we all pile in the car and go caroling at friends' houses. We started that tradition when Lindsay was four -- we'd plant her out in front with the basket and Russ and I would sing. She was so darn cute in her snowsuit, it didn't matter what we sounded like!

As the years progressed, our sound changed. There were plenty of years that were heavy on kids' enthusiastic voices but light on sophisticated arrangements.

(Those were perhaps my favorite.)

As we were charting our route and preparing the basket last night, the girls were musing about how magical our caroling outings seemed when they were children. They never knew where the van was going -- we just stopped places and they'd tumble out and sing, and then the magic journey would continue to our next destination.

Now we're able to offer a pretty decent four part harmony, with Hannah and her beautiful voice in the starring role.

And now I truly treasure the time spent together, because I'm coming to realize how fleeting and precious it is. That my adult children are here to sing along makes it seem magical to me.

After our caroling party, it is appetizers at one favorite restaurant or another, where we eat ourselves silly before devouring whatever was left in the basket on our way home.

Mmmmm. . .
Christmasy goodness.

(I hope you're enjoying some, too!)


Amelia and Justin said...

Awww...I was just thinking of the "Phone Caroling" that we used to get from the Hinckleys...I loved that!

I don't think my husband realizes that he will be caroling once we have children. I've tried to warn him :)

susan m hinckley said...

Russ didn't really consider himself much of a singer, but somehow once he puts his fabulous Santa hat on he transforms into quite a splendid soprano. He carries the melody just brilliantly!

luanne said...

Christmas caroling is such a lovely tradition, good for you! I've only caroled a few times, once when I was a teen with my girlfriends, and then around our neighborhood when my kids were little... always times when my off-key voice was hidden among the many others who could actually sing.

People visited by carolers always seem delighted. Wish I could have heard you! (Maybe you could do a caroling Hinckleys YouTube video in your *spare* time.)

The merriest of Christmases to you and your family!

susan m hinckley said...

We did "phone caroling" for many years because we were never near family and moved away from many dear friends, but I guess that is probably just SO 1990's and we should probably be posting videos of ourselves caroling . . . NOT!

But thanks for the fun suggestion, LuAnne -- I wish we could have come to your house too, but I don't think we're really ready for worldwide prime time!

Merry Christmas!

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