"Dude, I am so TOTALLY stoked !"

The actual line was
"Dude, I am so totally stoked . . . this is hardwood!"

The speaker was referring to the camouflage pattern on the hunting accessories he was buying, and we were standing in line behind him. I was not only entertained by his statement, but also by the great volume of piercings on his face and the interesting configuration of his facial hair.

But trust me when I tell you that as I looked around, he was not the person I was most alarmed to envision toting a loaded firearm around my state for the deer hunting opener. There was a Harley aficionado in the next line over who had engaged in some SERIOUS HARD LIVING over the years. HARD LIVING.

I don't pretend to understand these people.

My own husband is setting off on a cross-country Montana odyssey this weekend during which he will sleep in the back of his pickup truck with his trusty sidekick, Cooper.

(Frankly, they both snore -- and I think they'll have a wonderful time together.) But I'm not sorry to be left behind. Almost anything else sounds more fun to me.

Sometimes when we're watching the umpteenth sporting event of the weekend on TV and I think I can't stand it anymore, I threaten to switch the channel to the "Quilting Championships."

We have joked about this for years -- Russ does a great mock commentary -- "She's threading her needle, folks . . . wait! She's switching thimbles . . . She -- could -- go -- all -- the -- way!!"

Something like that.

But would it really be any more ridiculous
than football?

The truth is, I'm fascinated by people,
and by what turns them on.

People who care enough to paint their faces and dye their hair for a football game, people who are "totally stoked" by hardwood camo fashions, people who could actually be quite content watching the quilting championships on TV.

American author John Jakes advised:

"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."

Which reminds me . . . I've got some pieces to finish, and I'm excited to do it. In fact, it would be accurate to say . . .

"Dude, I am so totally stoked! This is collage!"

Happy Weekend!

(wherever it takes you)


Nancy said...

why thank you, I think I will have a happy weekend. In fact I will let you in on a tiny secret (to be kept at all costs from my family... can I trust you? OK.) for my weekend I will be attending the final phase of auditions for a certain huge and famous choir. So I guess you could say what turns me on are the hymns... :0 I hope your weekend is splendid!

susan m hinckley said...

Go Nancy, Go! Knock'em dead (and I'm completely trustworthy on this issue)!

Allie said...

I want to watch the Quilting Championships, lol!!! Now there's an idea to pitch to PBS.

VO said...

And I won't tell a soul either.

I gave up watching tv (most of the time - Love Glee) because of channel flipping.

It was a good decision. Now I am free to do anything I want.

Channel surfing/flipping entertains my husband - doing anything other than watching tv entertains me.

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