Psssst! Hey you . . . . over here . . . .

Tra-La, Tra-Lee,
It's only me,
Stopping by to say --
That the work has begun
And I'm having great fun.
My new line is on its way!

Still stitching with thread
But on paper, instead,
And I'm using old ads as well.
Still top secret, it's true!
(But the least I could do
Is a smidgen of show-and-tell . . .)

You're just getting a peek --
I won't know 'til next week
Whether Art's been created (or not).
But I wanted to share
Just in case you might care,
Because so far, I like it a lot!

Yes, at last a look at Small Works' long-rumored new product. This is just an itty-blog-bit glance at a part of one piece, but I'm having a wonderful time combining drawing, stitching, vintage fabrics and text into big, fun collages that revisit some of my favorite wool pictures. (If there's one in particular you'd like to see done in paper, please feel free to make a request!) The new pieces will be available at the One-of-a-Kind Show in Chicago, December 3-6. Hope to see you there!


luanne said...

ooooh, a very intriguing tidbit indeed! love those vintage fabrics you used in her dress.

will you be revisiting "Resistance is Futile" in this new method? i'm hard pressed to pick a top-favorite among your pieces, but i do especially love that one.

looking forward to future reveals!

Allie said...

Cool beans!!!!! I wish I could come to the show!

Amelia and Justin said...

Will they be available at the Baltimore show as well? Because I'm going to be at that one :D

VO said...

oooOOOO! I can't wait to see more...cuz I love the one you posted. mmmm, faves: all the animal ones and all the ones with people in them. So hard to choose.

susan m hinckley said...

Decided! I'm narrowing it down to all the ones with animals and people -- thanks, VO!

These will actually not be available at any of the ACC shows because I would have to specifically jury them in, but I will make them available in other ways. But first -- someone has to figure out the remaining logistics (matting and framing, for instance) and here at Small Works that's usually me.

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, kids!

VO said...

Sooo glad to help Susan! bwhahaha.

Lisa Cannon said...

Could you do sock monkey girl? I love her!

I just lost my high-flying sock monkey girl as she and her husband got in a truck today headed for Virginia.

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