If it's Monday, it must be time for a Small Works existential dilemma . . .

Is it wise for Susan to be
spending her time
playing with paper dolls
when a big show is looming
just around the corner?


More importantly, who cares?
I don't know about you, Owl,
but I'm all dressed up
and can't wait
to have somewhere to go!

Let someone else sit
on that egg for a change . . .

sometimes a girl has to
shake things up a little!


Allie said...

You ALWAYS cheer me up!

VO said...


luanne said...

love these new folks in your neighborhood, with their vintage fashions and their cool susan-eyes.

p.s. are you happy with your new printer? i've been meaning to ask if you're pleased with it, as my well-used current printer is now in rapid decline.

susan m hinckley said...

Well . . . since you asked . . . my new printer is the Epson R1900 and so far it's doing exactly what I hired it to do, but it's a good thing it came with technical support (Chelsea) or it wouldn't be doing anything at all but sitting in a box. It is a bit temperamental (the printer, not Chelsea) and I must confess that I have yet to load a single piece of paper in the thing without getting a paper jam. Luckily, Chelsea is able to load paper, print, and do all sorts of wonderful things so the printer and I are getting along just fine.

We tried printing out big (13"x 19") prints of some of my embroidered pieces just to see what it could do and they're very cool!

We've been printing on Epson Radiant White Watercolor paper, which is beautiful but at $1 per sheet it really makes you say "d'oh!" when you make a mistake. So far we're only out a few bucks . . .

Hope that helps! Since you're so much smarter than I am, LuAnne, you need not fear the beast. And it looks awesomely (word?!) impressive on my computer desk.

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