If it's Friday, it must be time for Small Works Dental Records!

By which I mean Susan's attendance records (the Guiness Book type, not the identifying-a-body type), in which a new personal best was achieved this week!



and Friday --

I had the distinct pleasure of starting each morning
with a trip to the dentist!

My dentist is afraid that Russ will think we're having an affair. I keep telling him that Russ will just be happy if he fixes my teeth so I'll stop complaining about them. And there's nothing like a root canal on a dark, rainy October day to get my Complaint Mechanism up and running.

My Complaint Mechanism is well-tuned and seems to be running flawlessly.

But speaking of records . . .

Surely my prolific parents have set one in the annals of quilting history. They sent me a new picture this week of all the quilts they have now completed for the great grandchildren.

Fun and colorful quilts for the great grandchildren.

There are so many amazing things about the whole my-parents-making-quilts-thing, but perhaps most amazing is that they've done them all in less than 18 months.

The original amazing array for the children and grandchildren.


I wonder what they're going to take on next?

It being Friday,
I know exactly what I'm going to take on.

Or take in . . .

I never met a Fall Friday where I didn't like to do a little baking. So for today's treat, I've decided on this oldie-but-goodie from our favorite Santa Fe Cookbook (already you must know you can't go wrong . . . )

These have replaced pumpkin pie at our house since I introduced them two years ago, and even people who don't like pumpkin pie
love these:

Click if you need to enlarge the recipe.

All you need is a fork and a truckload of whipped cream
and you'll be in
Fattening-Fall-Food Heaven!

(And well worth every calorie, I might add.)

Happy Weekend!


Judy said...

Those quilts are an AMAZING achievement. I want to know the role your dad played in making them. Please tell me he is a quilter. It will make my day.

stfrank said...

Gary and Jolene quilting?!?!?!? Gary maybe, but Jolene?!?!?!?! Shows what I remember of your mom and dad.  Yes, it's me, it's Suey T.  The quilts are absolutely stunning - wow.  Another stunning development...just last night I had to have homemade pumpkin pie slathered with enough hand whipped cream to make my teeth hurt. Sorry 'bout that.  I've always blamed these cravings on the change of weather ....hmmmmm.... one last twist, I too am preparing for a show (though on a much smaller scale) and truly appreciate the suggestion of playing with paper dolls as a distraction.  love to you and yours!

susan m hinckley said...

Judy -- I'm happy to make your day! I've written several posts about the "Twilight Zone" episode that is my parents' quilting obsession -- they just decided to start making quilts out of the blue one day, set one up on their kitchen table, and the rest is history. I almost fell out of my chair the day my dad said, "We've got to get another quilt on . . . I'm losing my callouses!" Ain't life grand?

Sue -- what kind of work are you up to? I'd love to see pics!

Allie said...

OUCH - my teeth are aching in sympathy!
Kudos to your folks - they're amazing!

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