Just direct your feet . . . to the sunny side of the street . . .

It's finally summer in Minnesota!
We have heat!
We have humidity!
We have mosquito bites!

The kinds of things we can only dream of
most of the year.

But it's September . . .
where were the 80 degree temps in August?

It just goes to show that Minnesota weather is like a box of chocolates is like life, or something like that. You never know what you're gonna get. But if you were a weatherman, Minnesota is the Whitman's Sampler you'd want to be eating, because you'd always have something to talk about.

Charles Kuralt said,

"This is a place where you can
hear fall coming for miles."

I don't know where, specifically, Charles was standing when he said that, but it may as well have been here. Because Minnesotans can indeed hear fall coming for miles. I personally can see it for months. I start actively looking for the changes sometime in June, for that certain "something" to hint that the end is near.

A touch dramatic? Absolutely.
It's only one of my faults . . .ahem . . . charms.

But winter is only one of the "loomers"
keeping me up at night lately.

As soon as the "ember" months roll around (i.e. Sept-ember) I know that it's almost showtime -- time to turn my work loose on the world once again and see what the world says in response.

And there's so much to do!

I'm having a little trouble staying focused on any one thing long enough to feel like I'm making progress. And then there's the usual September onslaught of ideas.

Any time I have a million things I need to do,
the ideas come down like rain.

I imagine this is what kids with A.D.D. feel like.
And every raindrop looks like an interesting idea worth pursuing!

(Don't worry -- I'm well aware that in the big picture, my problems don't amount to a hill of beans. I hope we know each other well enough to engage in some good-natured complaining from time to time. It helps me relax.)

Pearls Before Swine, by Stephan Pastis


It's all good.

(Yes, even fall . . . even work and its accompanying anxiety)

So now that I've reminded myself how grateful I am,
how lucky that no one has STEPPED on me
(metaphorically or otherwise),
I think I'll just go outside

and take an extra walk in this beautiful and unusually warm September sunshine.

We've got to enjoy every minute while it lasts!

(Oops! Sorry . . . that just slipped out . . .)


Allie said...

LOL - sometimes you're the ant....sometimes you're the shoe.

Fall has arrived in Michigan. I'm sitting here FREEZING.

Judy said...

We're anticipating over 100 degrees this weekend in Much-Too-Sunny-Southern-California. PLEASE let it be the last hurrah of summer!

Chelsea said...

i'm definitely missing vermont this fall.

and i'll definitely be missing vermont this winter.

winter is coming, mom.

do you think i'm your daughter??

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