Windy City Whirlwind . . .


We're back . . .

from a weekend

in the Windy City,

and we had a wonderful time.

A "last hurrah" for Hannah before school resumes . . . and BTW, thanks for taking the pics!

We went to do several things, but most important
on my list was the delivery of this piece:

"Group," 2009, signed, sealed AND delivered! (and with my usual flash -- sorry)

(Sunday Brunch at the Mill Rose was also important, of course, and that's not to take anything away from Saturday lunch at Gino's East. Oh yes . . . and the Art Institute -- let's not forget feeding the eyes and soul!)

But today I'm feeling that somehow summer has s-p-e-d by

and it will be just a blink until we're off
to Chicago again for showtime.


(would someone please show me how to release the brake?)


Judy said...

Who was the lucky recipient of "Pull Up a Chair"? Also, love the person trying to get in the arm-length picture of you and the hubby. Is that someone you know?

susan m hinckley said...

Ha ha, Judy . . . if only I were that cute young thing in the hat! Unfortunately, Hannah is now that age, which must make me that older woman trying to get in the picture in the back . . . How'd that happen?!

The piece I delivered was commissioned by a very kind and patient patron of the arts who has been a loyal friend and true, and has (most generously!) paid a good bit of Hannah's tuition over the years.

Judy said...

No way! Hannah is your spitting image! Cute, cute picture, ESPECIALLY with you in the back.

luanne said...

ah, chicago, it has to be one of the best food cities of the world!

this is probably a dumb question-- are the phrase letters on the artwork ones you cut out with one of those die-cut machines? i really like the look.

this piece came together beautifully. and no evidence of any stray glue!

VO said...

Funny, my voice was in Chicago this weekend! My good friend Kat just moved to Chicago to go to grad school and she called me to tell me how much she LOVES it.

I'll have to let her know when the show is so she can come by to your booth and say Hi to you from me. LOL. That makes me laugh.

susan m hinckley said...

LuAnne -- Chicago is definitely one of the best food cities in the world. And the people have the girth to prove it, which is only one of the reasons we loved living there.

The letters are actually chipboard that I did not cut but I pulled letters from a couple of different sets. Then I painted them. The white-on-black was of course to cover up the great glue debacle of '09.

VO -- I hope you will send your friend to see me at the show -- you and I can almost meet. Where is she going to school?

luanne said...

very clever! although i knew about the glue incident, i didn't even suspect the design was also the solution. it looks great.

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