Summertime . . . . and the livin' is easy . . . or at least it should be.

Tired of the endless whirlwind of summer parties and activities?

Can't stand one more campfire?

Worn out from never-ending physical activity and exercise?

Craving some brain-food to go with your

Seeking a way to divert the attention of unwanted admirers at the beach or pool?

Or perhaps you're sick to death of napping in the hammock and wish you could think of another way
to waste time there?

No matter the reason,
it seems like the right time for

Small Works' Summer
Reading Recommendations!

Rest assured that you won't see these selections on Oprah, or on anyone else's list either. These are a few of my hand-picked quirky favorites guaranteed to satisfy, no matter how extreme your summer ennui may be.

And here to make the first suggestion is:

Rat the Book Editor, Stephan Pastis

NOT Rat the Book Editor (thank goodness) . . . but rather

Indispensable Household Robot #2!

(who happened to appear last week in that empty frame while Rat was busy dashing the hopes of authors everywhere).

Our new friend has chosen a most appropriate and highly enjoyable selection, a graphic novel given to me by my #1 daughter that has become a treasured favorite:

"Robot Dreams," by Sara Varon.

It's a quick read
(or rather a quick look, since it's all pictures)
about an adorable dog

who orders a kit through the mail

and builds himself a best friend.

They share a year of amazing adventures, but as with all relationships, their friendship encounters challenging bumps and twists caused by their own decisions and actions as well as the circumstances life throws at them.

My favorite review of the book (by Tom Devlin) says:

"Sara Varon has managed to make a comic that is not only cute and fun but heartbreaking as well. This graceful little book is one of the deepest explorations of friendship in any medium."

Amen, wholeheartedly.

And who doesn't like cute?

Especially tempered with a little menace and/or heartbreak?

It's summertime perfection that you will enjoy again and again, and that your kids will love as well.

If you need more convincing, check out Sara Varon's website at www.chickenopolis.com for a peek at additional work and an impressive list of awards for "Robot Dreams."

Then build yourself a robot to mow the lawn,

Pick up a copy and a Popsicle . . .



Allie said...

I LOVE your robots. The book looks good - I'll see if I can get it!

april said...

oh, i love book suggestions!!! hadn't heard of this one. i'll check my library.

susan m hinckley said...

Imagine my surprise when I was looking at Sara Varon's website and it said something like, "check out what Oprah (or her people) said"!

Oops! But at least we know Oprah has good taste, right?

Jake and Chelsea said...

"one of the best books ever drawn."

you can use that if you want.

i love that book so much. it hurts a little bit that Oprah likes it too. she has to be in EVERYONE'S parade all the time! luckily we read it before Oprah told us to...right??

VO said...

Love it! I want my own robot.

susan m hinckley said...

Chelsea, I may have to edit the post to add your review which has become my new favorite . . .

re: Oprah -- I know, right?

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