Monday means it's:

Itty Blog Bits!

The question to ask yourself is,

How old is old??

As old as your mother?

As old as the things in an antique store?

Not necessarily. Except that for my kids, the things in the antique store are sometimes the same age as their mother . . . . which is both sick and WRONG.

I usually eschew "vintage" items that are of my same "vintage" -- just a little matter of principle, since the old rule for antiques used to be 100 years, then it got shortened to 50 awhile back, and now (with the advent of "retro") there seems to be no definition whatsoever.


I'm just saying . . .

But I had to buy this the other day:

When I opened the cover and it said "copyright 1974", I almost put it back without looking further. But once I started to thumb through the pages, I was simply delighted.

Garrison Keillor paid homage to

"the sheer beauty of ordinariness"

in his column last week, and that's all I can think of
to describe this dandy little volume.

Whoever did the writing obviously wanted to be a poet but ended up working for Western Publishing instead -- it happens . . .

Because many of the definitions seem to be glittering little gems of found poetry, complete with charming "Golden Books" illustrations of course.

What could be lovelier?

So I'll leave you with one to enjoy and consider on this
beautifully ordinary Monday:


Because I'm not sure there's a lot
of lady-like potential in her:

New Neighbor No. 6, Goofy Pig-Tails Girl

Maybe some braces would help?

Ta-ta until Tuesday!


Allie said...

I really hate seeing things called antique that aren't older than I am. And I AM 50. But inside, I'm only 25. It's just the falling-off bits that are 50.
Love that book! And the poem.

Allie said...

ARGH = and of course I forgot to mention I love pig-tail gal, that's EXACTLY how I feel today!

Jake and Chelsea said...

is it too late for me to grow up to be a lady?

and most mornings i look like goofy pig-tail girl.

susan m hinckley said...

Pig-tail girl is probably a self portrait because I invented sticky-up hair. A lifelong malady.

And according to the book, ANY GIRL can grow up to be a lady, so there's still hope for all of us. Because I looked and there's no definition given for "grown up."

VO said...

Love sticky-up hair girl.

I'm 51 (ye gawds!) and I'm not growed up yet and I'm not planning on it. I'm totally sure I don't want to be a lady.

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