It's Monday, so . . . . Come On Down!

Some of you may remember that my sister once suggested I name my business "Stuff I Make While Watching The Price is Right."

I was not the least bit offended because it was a fair suggestion.

For many years you could have called it "Stuff I Make While Watching Sesame Street With My Kids," although to be perfectly honest I would have been watching Sesame Street with or without them. (Sesame Street old-school. I'm not such a fan now.)

At any rate, that explains why I was so delighted when Guy Smiley stopped by to host my first blog giveaway.

My guilty indulgence in the Price is Right also began when I was a kid, sitting in the back of Aunt Lillie's store in a squeaky rocker that was wired together on the bottom with hanger wire, bumpity-bumping over the lumpy linoleum mishmash that was the floor, and watching a dark-haired Bob Barker in black and white, a clump of used tin foil on the antenna.

It was only a 30 minute show back then, not the FABULOUS SIXTY-MINUTE PRICE IS RIGHT! And my interest did not continue into "Days of Our Lives" -- I invariably wandered away as soon as I heard the man say "Like Sands Through the Hourglass . . . ."

If you're old enough to remember any of those things, then you're old enough to know that I've been a Price is Right fan for a long, long time. And therefore you won't be at all surprised when I squeal like a little girl because:


Welcome to Small Works' Second Blog Giveaway! Because Susan's been such a loyal friend and true, I gladly agreed to stop by to host the big moment . . .

And I brought some of my Beauties to help with the festivities!

So let's get down to business . . . The first thing to do, of course, is to welcome out Vanna/Hannah

with the Shimmering Silver Bowl of Birthday Blog Bounty!

Thanks, Bob.
I'm delighted to
be here!
I've always
of being
one of
"Barker's Beauties!"

All 16 names have been placed in the
Shimmering Silver Bowl of Birthday Blog Bounty:

Thanks, Vanna/Hannah.
You know what that means, folks. My beauty is going to reach in the bowl and draw out the lucky winner's name . . .

(Seriously, everybody.
This is killing me. I wish
every one of you could

drumroll . . . .
drumroll . . .
drumroll . . .

And this week's winner of the
Bag o' Stuff from Susan's Studio is:


(Marjorie, you're the lucky winner so please send me an email with your address and I'll send a rainbow-colored bag of goodies selected just for you!)

And now, a preview of next week's game:

You know
Bob's a real
lover . . .

So it's my illustration "Dog Pick-Up Lines", framed in one of my hand-painted-polka-dotty frames (12") and just the thing to brighten up the third week of May for just about any animal lover on your list!

(unless they're in the doghouse, of course, and then you should keep it for yourself)

All you have to do to play is send me an email or post a comment here before Saturday telling me whether you'd prefer to receive


or blue

and you'll be automatically entered for a chance to win. And now, let's give Bob a big Small Works round of applause to thank him for his graciousness in stopping by today:

My pleasure, folks!
Don't forget to enter the
Third Week Drawing!

And of course, have your pets spayed or neutered.

Goodbye, Everybody!


Jessie said...

I'll take the blue one, Bob.

If I wear a puff-painted shirt declaring my love for Small Works in Wool, will that improve my chances of winning?

Allie said...

Oh Susan you crack me UP! I remember all that stuff - my grandma was hooked on ALL those soap operas, she was in on them from the very first episode. I preferred the game shows. I remember, after getting my appendix out [and being hospitalized for 2 weeks with it] I came home and watched The Dating Game. It just happened to be the funniest thing I've ever seen, since it hurt so much to laugh. Figures.
Congratulations, Marjorie!!!!!

Karen said...

Well, Bob, I think the blue one would be just my thing. Thanks for the opportunity.

VO said...

Huzzah for Marjorie!

I'm up for either illustration. My husband doesn't get to handle it tho, he's in the doghouse.

Cami said...

Our dog is neutered but now we are working on the stray cats next door. We are currently getting ready to take four 8 week old kittens to the shelter -- they are adorable and tame thanks to several cans of kitten food and daily trips next door. We are going to trap the mom and her 2 full grown children from a previous litter. The neighbors DID NOT watch The Price is Right-- so we are now being responsible for the seven cats that are not ours. PLEASE heed Bob and Susan's advice. :-)

Controlling the neighborhood pet population here in So. Cal. Love you, Cami

P.S. Pups in purple.

Kat Campau said...

Susan, I love your work. I like the blue one best. I am doing a series of dogs in mosaics, and will soon include words for them. My own little min-pin is my inspiration. You can see the latest on my blog. katcampau.blogspot.com

Mandi said...

Since Cam didn't mentioned my name, but rather focused on our adopted litter in her comment . . . please enter my name for the purple print. Thanks!

Amelia and Justin said...

I would definitely like the blue one please!

Daryl said...

OK, I remember the half hour Price is Right, followed by "sands through the hour glass..." Am I that old? :(
Thanks Bob! Great job, and congratulations Marjorie! I'd love the blue one if I got really lucky and won again!


Melanie said...

Oh my, I remember it too!! where have the years gone. But bob, I have had my cat fixed. I would never be able to forget after all the years of your prompting. And for the drawing..... blue please!

luanne said...

for me, the price is right brings back those endless summer months as a kid. we didn't belong to the local swim club, so on hot days when friends were gone, television was our default entertainment. especially game shows! back then, i thought any sane adult would try to get on the price is right. how hard could it be to win? if you watched regularly, you had a pretty good idea of what things cost.

i haven't watched it for years now, but it brings back fond memories.

hannah/vanna looks super-glam as a bob's beauty!

on the oh-so-slim chance that i might win this week, i'd like the blue, please.

whimseycreations said...

You are too funny!!! I'll take blue please LOLOLOL

Crazy for Art said...

I love your work and your blog. I really "need" the purple one please!

My mom watched The Price is Right every day. Now it reminds me of her. She loved dogs too.

Anonymous said...

I would sit and watch with my Grandmother when she stayed with us during the summer. Good memories. And I would love the purple one, please!

Lisa Cannon said...

OK, I love all your stuff and I love you like a sister but you know how I feel about dogs so...no need to enter me this week but Hannah is fabulous and as always, I wish I were you!

susan m hinckley said...

Okay, Kids -- 15 official contestants, so I'm going to close the contest now and I'll let you know just as soon as we have a winner! Woof!

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