Hold on to your hats! Here we go . . . . . AGAIN?

Good News!

Chance of rain and only 48 degrees in Minnesota this weekend!? Most people (who only dusted off their grills a couple of days ago -- Minnesotans are highly attached to their grills) are feeling a little cheated.

But for anyone doing an indoor art show, the universe couldn't be more kind.

It's hard to know what to expect at shows -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- with times being what they are.

But I do know I can expect to have fun, see some old friends (hopefully make a few new ones) and have a chance to share what I love to do.

I did finally get everything finished and framed --

I've never quite taken it down to the wire like I did this time. I guess doing a local show doesn't stress me enough to make me stay up late and accomplish things in a timely fashion. Instead, I obviously prefer to still be framing on the day I'm hanging the work up . . . . whew!

And here's a picture of this guy, since he may never make it to the photographer now and therefore you'll never see him:

Daydream (text: he may seem lazy but his mind is quite busy with delightful thoughts)

A word of apology for blinding you with the flash -- when I turned it off, the glass picked up a perfect reflection of everything in the room. And I don't have one second to mess with photoshop today, so put on your sunglasses to avoid eye damage if necessary. Wouldn't it have been great if I'd remembered to snap the picture before I put him in the frame? Rats. Hey, at least you got to see him, right?

Russ has to work at his real job on Friday, so I'll be going solo (and I'm not very excited at the prospect, I must confess). He's much better at this show-thing than I am.

"See ya', Sus -- try selling something while I'm gone!"

So if you're in St. Paul this weekend, come on by Rivercentre, booth #2404 and say hello! I promise to have good candy in my booth
(you think I buy it for you, but really I buy it for myself . . . )

and if you're on a diet there will be plenty of low cal
"eye-candy only" options.

If you . . . *alas* . . . live far away,
Small Works will be back Monday with the show report


"Overheard at the Show"

and perhaps even a few pictures for show-and-tell.

Happy Weekend!


Jake and Chelsea said...

good luck mom! you're going to do awesome! and it will be a great exercise for you to do a day of the show alone! you're so strong!

love you! (and the lazy puppy!)

Allie said...

Here's hoping you sell LOTS, Susan! You can do it - schmooze the cashola right out of 'em!!!

VO said...

Overheard at the show is one of my favorites.

Have fun at the show, I hope lots and lots of your small works find good homes! Make lots of money!

Anonymous said...

yesterday i thought of you *soloing* all day... and now you know you can do it!

hope you're meeting many new fans & hope your funny little friends are finding nice new homes (on actual walls). thanks for making sure we got to see the finished puppy -- love him!

looking forward to overheard...

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