Yes, I'm doing it again. And it has nothing to do with laziness. Really. Nothing at all to do with it.

So what's up today that has nothing to do with laziness? (Because this is neither a picture of me
nor of Minnesota this week.)

Why, T.G.I.F.F.T. of course. . .

Because it's Friday!

And I have only just begun to extol the virtues of all my many favorites -- please indulge me -- it's been a long week.

There's nothing I love more than finding out about great things I never knew existed. It always panics me a bit, though, because it makes me wonder how many other millions of great things there are in the world that I don't know about, and probably never will.

Anyway, thank goodness I found out about this:

Seriously. Even if I, probably due in part to my advancing age (and therefore ebbing "hipness"), am the last person in America to find out about this show, I'm not going to be too embarrassed to put it front and center on this week's Friday Favorites. If you haven't laughed until you had tears running down your face at some point this week, then it's high time you should. I'm speechless.

And thanks to Luanne for the recommendation to check out this blog:


which is my favorite new internet discovery of the week. Whether or not you love cats, everyone loves Wales and besides stunning photography of one of the most magical places on earth, an enjoyably written blog is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. At least one (possibly more) of my daughters has expressed a desire to live in Wales, and despite it being far away, wouldn't it be the most lovely place to visit my grandchildren some day?

And now to my work -- I thought I'd highlight my second most favorite piece ever, in case anyone was wondering. About this time in the framing process, I also like to remind myself that things do eventually get finished around here.

(Perhaps someday I'll also show you my least favorite piece ever . . . that would probably be even more interesting, right?)

But the number two favorite spot definitely belongs to this piece:

Resistance is Futile, 2005, Collection of Wolfgang & Suzanne Sixl

There are a lot of things I like about this piece -- the central background has such a lovely mottled look, and the multi-colored border is from one of my mother's old dresses, which happens to be one of my favorite pieces of wool to work with -- wonderful colors, very thin but extremely tight weave. Pendleton, I believe. And yes, it was difficult to cut up a Pendleton dress. But sacrifices must be made for art, right?

This piece started out to be about the war between the sexes -- the boy and girl were going to be hurling some kind of insulting dialogue at each other, and then when I had them both on there and started to get the words going, suddenly and without warning my favorite little dog just sat up, wagged his tail and positively begged (demanded!) to be included.

Not to be outdone by a dog, my favorite mischievous feline popped into the frame next, but appears to still be looking around with suspicion, unsure of what she's doing there.

It's always fun for me when a piece takes me on a journey, refusing to follow any drawings, concepts, ideas or plans I may be trying to utilize in its creation. It reminds me of what art is about and why anyone would want to invest the time and love required in its creation.

If you can always see the end from the beginning, why bother to take the trip?

After I had named the piece, I found out that "resistance is futile" is a line that actually found its way into the popular lexicon as the result of a Star Trek episode. Who knew?

The family that purchased this piece bought it in hopes that they could appease their children with it and avoid having to get an actual pet. Good luck with that.

They also happen to be some of my most favorite people, so that means my two favorite pieces both found splendid foster homes, which helps me sleep so much better at night. Thank you!

And now, it being a February Friday, I thought I'd include a recipe for the easiest and most divine comfort food imaginable, which has literally sustained me through yet another Minnesota winter (I keep hiding the loaves in the back of the frige so my husband won't be appalled by the frequency with which I make it).

Because of my addictive tendencies, when I find something I like I tend to make it to death. This recipe enjoyed such status about 15 years ago, and after I burned out on it (as I inevitably do, part of my cycle) I didn't give it another thought until I made some homemade soup one day in October and needed just the thing to go with it. Thank goodness I was inspired to revisit this particular addiction.

Afraid of making bread? Don't think you have time?

Don't even waste your lame excuses on me, because this is seriously the easiest bread recipe in the world and is absolutely delicious, not to mention simply lovely toasted the next day.

Quick Mix Cheese Batter Bread
3 cups flour
1/2 cup grated cheese
2 Tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 pkg. quick-rise yeast
2 Tbsp. softened butter
1 1/4 cup hot water

Mix 2 1/4 cups flour and other dry ingredients in large bowl. Stir in butter and water. Add cheese. Mix in remaining 3/4 cup flour, stirring to make thick batter. Cover; let rest 10 minutes. Turn batter into well-greased 1 1/2 qt. round casserole. Cover, let rise until doubled, about 30-45 minutes. Bake at 375 for 35 minutes. Remove from casserole; cool before slicing.

Well, I've given you entertainment, a new fix for your blog-reading addiction, art and also food. What else can I do for you on a Friday to help guarantee a perfect weekend?

I think my work here is finished.


april said...

errrr - the computer just lost my comment.

anyhoo, we'll try again. loved the blog - especially the richness of color on those cats. i only skimmed the writing, but i think i might find more masterpieces when i return.

pat loved flight of the conchords too. i chose to go to bed rather than watch with him - so i guess i better add that to the list. (are you starting to see how much i love sleep? really, my love for it can be crippling at times.

thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing that work of art. i adored it especially the dog - i see why he is one of your faves. i especially enjoyed reading how you took off your pants with that piece. (speaking of which i did comment on that post and i think it's a comment you should read).

finally, me loves a good recipe. (me also loves bread, so it could possibly be a deadly combo for me too.)

Anonymous said...

so glad you liked jackie & the ginger cats. they do live in a magical place, such a joy to visit. and thanks for mentioning me too, though now (sigh) i'll have to stop all the housecleaning i was planning to do this morning and go post something visit-worthy on my blog.

but if i may revert to being a fan for a moment, your "resistance is futile" piece really represents what i love about your work: the characters you create, the humor conveyed by their expressions and details and a few well-chosen words, with all the textural elements contributing artistically. your pieces really strike a chord, so succinct yet so perfectly on target.

and never fear, your abundant skills definitely offset your ebbing hipness.


susan m hinckley said...

Well, so much niceness waiting for me after I returned from my stress-test at the hospital! The day is salvaged!

April, I read your comment and the fact that you would swear for me is really amazing and humbling. I'm sorry to be contributing to your delinquency.

Luanne, I guess I should have warned you about that link -- no pressure, because there's nothing better than a beautiful desert picture and you always have a few of those hanging around on your blog. Anyway, I'm never really sure anybody reads this thing. But I'll be looking forward to your new post!

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