No more Mr. Nice Mom.

It is with mixed emotions that Miss Hospitality is hanging up her apron.

Chelsea called to say that she's safely back in Vermont, busily worrying about what fresh %@## her law school professors will have managed to plan for them over the break. Hannah left in the usual Hannah-whirlwind this morning, and Cooper and I are left with nothing to do but stare at each other and wish Dad would come home and take us out.

Is it too early for January doldrums?

However, no need to make nicey-nicey with this messy house anymore. No need to worry about what people are going to eat. No need to fill every room with a wonderful "festive" feeling. Nothing I need to buy. In fact, no money left to buy anything with should I think of something I do need.

So what now?

needle and thread.

"Quilting Mom", by Hannah 1998.

Hello, quiet.

Stitch . . . stitch . . . stitch . . .

I guess I have missed you, after all.


Jake and Chelsea said...

note to all readers: i did not swear. i do not swear. even though hannah may have turned that corner, i still squirm whenever a bad word is said, especially if one escapes my own mouth, however rarely it happens.

and for monday we have to have read an entire book. "Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In" by Fisher & Ury. It's the second edition, with answers to ten questions people ask. i have this strange feeling that my dad has a copy of this book on his business school book shelf...

susan m hinckley said...

You are correct! The book is most definitely in this house somewhere. And you will notice that I also did not swear. I was merely trying to impart an "emotion" but did so without using any specific objectionable words.

annesart said...

love Hannah's drawing of you quilting, what a treasure.

susan m hinckley said...

I know -- where would I be without Hannah's drawings, old and new? Where would the world be without them? Her journal is amazing and I know I'm her mom, but WOW, Hannah . . .

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